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Affymetrix is a company specializing in "genomic analysis tools and reagents for discovery, exploration, validation, and genetic testing."[1] The company began operating independently in 1992, started selling its GeneChip® system for research use in 1994, and completed its initial public offering in June 1996.[2] The company headquarters are located in Santa Clara, CA, and Affymetrix has acquired multiple companies over the last decade (Panomics Inc, True Materials Inc, USB Corporation, ParAllele BioScience Inc, Neomorphic Inc, and Genetic MicroSystems Inc), thereby expanding its list of available products.[2]

Affymetrix tools and software are for use with in-house data and databases. A full list of products offered by Affymetrix is available on their website, including:[3]

  • Microarray Solutions - All necessary components for a microarray experiment, from arrays and reagents to instruments and software.
  • Quantitative Assays - QuantiGene®, QuantiGene Plex, QuantiGene ViewRNA, and Procarta® product lines (formerly Panomics) offer assays in the low- to mid-plex range for validating gene and protein expression data.
  • Molecular Biology Kits and Reagents - Products and kits for molecular biology applications, including cloning, RNA analysis, DNA sequencing, and protein analysis.
  • PCR - The USB line of PCR reagents includes a range of tools for PCR applications.
  • Molecular Biology Enzymes - SB enzymes, including polymerases, nucleases, ligases, and DNA binding proteins, are used for a variety of molecular biology applications such as DNA amplification, nucleic acid manipulation, and next-generation sequencing.
  • Purification - Kits for isolation of nucleic acid and proteins from a variety of starting samples.
  • Biochemicals - USB biochemicals and reagents with proper documentation.
  • Detergents and Lipids - Detergents and lipids for protein applications.


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