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AusPat is the Australian patent search engine from IP Australia, replacing the older PatAdmin and Patsearch systems.

AusPat coverage comprises specifications (when available) from 1904, IPC classifications from 1920, application number to serial number concordance data from 1935, standard patent applications from 1979, petty patents from 1979, and innovation patents from 2001 to present.[1] Specification coverage is continually being updated to fill the known period between 1976-1999 where coverage gaps exist. Further data coverage information can be found on the AusPat coverage page (PDF).

Users are able to select from the following search interfaces:

  • Quick - One line search interface that can accommodate different field searching without any syntax
  • Structured - Multi-entry search form for all possible fields
  • Advanced - Command line interface for all possible fields

The following fields are available:

Number, Invention title, Inventor name, Applicant name, Agent name, Application status, Application type, Publication action, Priority country, Priority number, Priority date, Document Kind A, Document Kind B, Document Kind C, IPC mark, Filing date, Australian OPI date, National Phase Entry date, Expiry date, Continuation/Renewal fee paid to date, Sealing date, Related application number, Pharmaceutical name, Select, Abstract, Claims, Description, Full specification.

AusPat offers Boolean, date range, exact phrase, single and multiple character wildcards, and proximity operators.

AusPat also offers "eDossier." "The eDossier tab within AusPat contains Open to Public Inspection (OPI) patent case files dating back to 2006."[2]

Coverage information, the latest Release Notes and a User Guide for AusPat are available from the main login page.

Major Recent Updates

AusPat Version 2.0 was released in March 2011 and ushered in a new set of features and level of coverage for the system. Specific updates for Version 2.0 can be found in the release notes, but notable enhancements include full text searching capability and the release of scanned searchable patent specifications from 1904-1976 and 1999-present.

An update in April 2010 provided new features including the ability to flag up to 300 search results into the saved results list (called the "MyList" feature), generate a PDF/CSV report from the "MyList" feature, and temporarily store up to 10 previous search strings via a new search history feature (called "MySearches"). Search strings can be saved as a .txt file for later use using this feature.

User Experiences

"IP Australia has designed a customisable search results screen that allows changes to the data elements seen in the results set. Twelve different column headings are available for numbers, names, dates, title, IPC and agent, enabling the desired information to be seen at first glance."[3]


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