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BioMed Central is "an STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) publisher of 220 open access, online, peer-reviewed journals" owned by the major scientific publisher Springer Science+ Business Media.[1] The list of all journals accessible on BioMed Central is available here. The website states that journals accessible on the platform cover all areas of biology and medicine, and "all original research articles published by BioMed Central are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication."[1] The BioMed Central portal also hosts the SpringerOpen platform.

Users can register to create an account to log on to BioMed Central and associated sites (Biology Image Library, Chemistry Central, Current Controlled Trials, and Springer Open).[1] Registered users are able to:[2]

  • submit manuscripts.
  • receive email updates.
  • post comments on articles.
  • access the advanced search form.


A number of search and browsing options are available on the BioMed Central platform:

  • Quick Search - A keyword search form in the upper right corner of the page allows you to search articles by keyword.
  • Advanced Search - Select the "Advanced Search" link beside the quick search form to access this menu. Use a fielded search form to search within bibliographic data and text fields, limit by date, and filter by journal.
    • Boolean Search - This tab under the advanced search menu provides access to a command line interface that accepts field operators, parentheses, quotations, truncation operators, and Boolean operators. Also filter by date and journal.
    • Saved Searches - Run, refine, or delete saved searches, including searches saved as email alerts.
    • Search History - The search history is displayed under the advanced and Boolean search menus and "shows all the searches you have been running in the current session. It is emptied when you close your browser."[3]
  • Journals - Under this tab of the main horizontal menu, users can browse journals alphabetically or by subject.
  • Articles - Under this tab of the main horizontal menu, browse all articles, most popular, latest, or article collections.
  • Gateways - Under this tab of the main horizontal menu, browse content on the portal by subject gateways (Bioinformatics and Genomics, Cancer, Diabetes, etc) or regional gateways (China, Japan, or Open Access in the Developing World).

After conducting a search, the following options are displayed above the hit list:

  • Refine the search.
  • Save the search (can be saved as a recurring email alert).
  • Display the result list with editor summaries or citations.
  • Send a page of results or selected results to citation manager software.

Each result includes basic bibliographic data (and citations or editor summaries, if selected). Icons beside the results indicate whether the record is open access, subscription, highly accessed, etc. The results each also link directly to abstracts, full text, PDF downloads, the record on PubMed, editor summaries, and graphical abstracts.

The user can select the link in the title of a result to access the full record, which includes bibliographic data, abstract, author emails (for registered users), and links to any full text or PDF available. A side menu provides access to:

  • Viewing options (abstract, PDF, etc.).
  • Associated material (PubMed record, about the article, reader's comments, etc.).
  • Related literature.
  • Tools (download references, email to friend, order reprints, or post a comment).
  • Share the record via various social media sites.


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