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BizInt Smart Charts is an analysis tool that is compatible with a large range of patent search products, including MicroPatent PatentWeb, Delphion, Dialog, Thomson Pharma, SciFinder, STN, Chemical Abstracts, and even relative newcomers Integrity, IDdb, PatBase and GenomeQuest. The program creates "tabular reports" of patent data and information from these different sources can be imported and combined into the same table.

The software provides links back to MicroPatent PatentWeb, Delphion, and Espacenet, to allow users to open patent documents from those sources via hyperlinks in the table. In addition, the software will monitor the patent documents for changes in legal status, and update the related charts accordingly with any changes. The system will also help users identify patent family members that have been imported from different sources.

The website says; "You can distribute reports in several formats, including HTML with links to full patents on MicroPatent, Delphion, PatentOrder and esp@cenet. Plus, you can automatically detect new and changed information in updated patents reports." And also, export reports to Word, Excel, or combine & update charts.

Annual License Fees; Single copy $2,500 Each additional user $500 Site license $8,000 Regional license $15,000 Worldwide license $20,000

For more information, see the BizInt Solutions Home Page.

Major Recent Updates

January 2013 - VantagePoint SCE, also known as VantagePoint – BizInt Smart Charts Edition, is a "customized version of VantagePoint, developed jointly by Search Technology and BizInt Solutions for use by BizInt Smart Charts customers."[1] A full description of the product can be found on the BizInt Solutions website.

June 2012 - A publication entitled BizInt Smart Charts for Patents: What's New lists the following updated features for BizInt Smart Charts for Patents 3.5:[2]

  • redesigned interface in Step 3 of the File|Combine and File|Update wizards.
  • new View|Columns panel makes it easier to select and rearrange columns.
  • BizInt Smart Charts Reference Rows utility is automatically installed (as an option) when you install the latest 3.5 software.
  • new “Acrobat” and “Excel - Optimized HTML” export options.
  • new XML Smart Data Exchange export integrated with VantagePoint 7.1.
  • support for DGENE, PCTGEN, and more literature databases on STN.
  • new toolbar, application, and import file (.bpd) icons.

The following "patents database and host enhancements" and "enhanced support for gene sequence databases" are also mentioned in the publication:[2]

  • Thomson Innovation: Support for Thomson Innovation was added in 3.4.6 (04 May 2011), including support for Derwent WPI data when present. Export your search results using the new “BizInt Smart Charts” export (.zip files must be manually imported.) Version 3.4.9 (16 Aug 2011) added support for publication dates for all family members. Images are not currently exported from Innovation.
  • Minesoft: As of 3.4.7 (1 June 2011) applications are presented in the same order as the publications in the family; first filing/first filing date are extracted as columns.
  • Delphion: Fixed an error in full-text links to Delphion for 2010 and later US and PCT apps in 3.4.5 (03 Apr 2011).
  • Non-patent literature databases on STN: Added support in 3.4.16 (3 Apr 2012) for ANABSTR, AQUASCI, BIOENG, BIOTECHNO, CABA, COMPUAB, COMPUSCIENCE, DISSABS, and LIFESCI. Added support for additional fields from MEDLINE, EMBASE, and Derwent Drug File.
  • STN: Added support for DGENE, PCTGEN in 3.4.15 (5 Feb 2012). BLAST, GETSIM supported, including from USGENE.
  • GenomeQuest: Nucleotide and Protein data from GQPat and Geneseq collections are supported.

See the publication (PDF) for a full list of updates.


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