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Boliven hosts a searchable online database of over 100 million scientific documents.

System Name: Boliven

Company Name: Cambridge Intellectual Property Limited, trading as CambridgeIP

Length of Service: System developed from 2007, launched in 2009

Target User: Targeted to both end users and information professionals.

Subscription type: Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly

Associated Services: CambridgeIP offers users a range of value added consulting services at preferential prices


As of July 2013, Boliven PRO has a new name: DiscoverIP, a patent search and analysis tool.


There are links to text and video tutorials, describing features and providing tips here

Data coverage

Patent coverage

Patents - 60,000,000+ patents and applications, 650,000+ assignees updated records from USPTO, EPO, PCT, JPO, KIPO, INPADOC

Non-patent coverage

  • Clinical Trials - 75,000+ clinical trials, 3,200+ sponsors - NIH/NLM/FDA
  • Company Profiles - Over 14,000 profiles of technology corporations, Universities, technology investors and more
  • Company Reports - SEC
  • Drugs - FDA
  • Grants - NIH, NSF, SBIR, STTR
  • Legal Proceedings - 65,000+ legal proceedings
  • Medical Devices - 120,000+ medical devices • 2,300+ applicants - FDA
  • News Releases - PR Newswire, BusinessWire
  • Publications - 35,000,000+ references, 5,500+ publications from Crossref, NLM Pubmed
  • Trademarks - USPTO

Search syntax

Boliven's 'Advanced Search' Function allows users to search using a number of syntax and field codes, including:

  • Exact Phrases
  • Wildcards
  • Proximity
  • Boolean
  • Grouping
  • Fuzzy

There is more information about Boliven's search syntax on the 'Questions and Answers' page

Patent Search Tools

  • View search results via an EAST-style rapid cover-page browser
  • Setup Alerts to get emails when new results appear in a search
  • Search results analytics - top assignees, top agents, top inventors, top examiners, top classifications, top cited, trends over time
  • Data export (CSV, RTF, XML, drawing images, API)
  • Retrieve, download, and search patent file histories
  • Search patent assignments
  • Bulk search - paste-in up to 100 patent document identifiers
  • Bulk download of searchable PDFs
  • Save search history
  • Establish, share and comment on Lists of patent documents

Viewing results displays results in several ways

  • Standard - a list of patents, with images and key data displayed. Additional data appears in a 'pop up window' when hovering a mouse over the relevant patent.
  • QuickFlip - displays full patent data and images in a 'page by page' view, making it easy to 'flip through' results one by one
  • Spreadsheet - a list of patents, with key data displayed in sortable columns
  • Timeline - an interactive display distinguishing between applications and patents, also showing predicted expiry dates. This view can only be accessed through the Lists feature

Results can be rapidly ranked by date, relevance and citation count using a drop down menu.

Download and Import options

Boliven has a large number of bulk download and bulk import options.

The download interface is designed for ease of use, with selection options allowing users to choose the data fields and order of data fields they require. Download options include .csv; .rtf; .xml. Boliven also offers its BolivenPRO subscribers with API support, making integration with users' back-end systems easier.


BolivenPRO subscribers can obtain API access to their data and results on request from - API feeds are quoted separately by Email:

Searchable PDFs

BolivenPRO subscribers can access and download patents as searchable PDFs.

Additional Tools, Datasets and services


Boliven sells reports in its Boliven Landscapes section. As an example, here is a report on the graphene patent landscape by CambridgeIP: "Patenting flatland: Graphene". The report is based on a Nature Materials article "Exploiting carbon flatland."[1]

Additional Datasets

  • Company Newsfeeds - track a company's activities as they happen
  • Boliven Landscapes™ are "patent datasets, carefully compiled and cleaned by CambridgeIP experts, combined with industry expert analyses. They are designed for technology sector executives including inventors, R&D and IP managers, investors and patent research professionals."[2]

Additional Tools

  • User Profiles - create and promote your profile to the Boliven community (optional)
  • Workflow management - List key steps, milestones, allocate responsibilities, note progress with projects on using the 'To Do' Lists
  • Upload files - Upload and associate files with your existing patent lists

Customer support


North America Contact Cambridge, MA, USA
+1 617 500 8572 Office

Europe Contact, Cambridge, UK
+44 (0) 1223 370 098 Office

Affiliate scheme runs an Affiliate Scheme in terms of which Affiliates earn commissions when they secure BolivenPRO subscribers. Contact directly for more information: Email:

Major Recent Updates

July 2011

Cambridge IP introduced Boliven Landscape Reports™:[2]

Boliven Landscapes™ are patent datasets, carefully compiled and cleaned by CambridgeIP experts, combined with industry expert analyses. They are designed for technology sector executives including inventors, R&D and IP managers, investors and patent research professionals.

April 2011

Boliven 'Version 2' was launched, boasting:

  • Improved interface
  • Enhanced navigation tools
  • Improved access to research tools
  • New subscription modules

September 2010

Cambridge IP announced that Boliven would be moving to a subscription model in September of 2010. Registered users will continue to be able to access the site for free, but with limited search capabilities and data coverage access. Subscription users (BolivenPRO users) will be able to access the full range of features on the site.

Both individual and "team" subscription packages are available. The introductory price for a full subscription was $99 in September 2010.[3]

May 2010

On 4th May 2010 was acquired by CambridgeIP, a technology strategy and technology policy company, for an undisclosed sum. CambridgeIP has subsequently launched an upgraded version of the platform and has launched BolivenPRO - a subscription version with additional features.

April 2010

In an email to registered users in April 2010, Boliven announced that they had "signed a definitive agreement for the Boliven Network and associated information services to be acquired by CambridgeIP, a company with a strong commitment to investing in and improving its services and the overall member experience." CambridgeIP followed up with a press release confirming this and adding "exciting plans to augment the existing with CambridgeIP's capabilities and services."[4]

2009 was launched to the public in 2009, growing to over two thousand users within 3 months of public launch and to over 30,000 users within a year of launch.

2007 was founded in 2007 in New York, USA.


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