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Best Practices Wiki articles exist for the community to share both common wisdom, and valuable insights, about the prior art searching process. Any registered user can freely add, edit, or delete material on these pages, and all contributions are welcome. Users should keep in mind that the information on this page is the result of community collaboration and, as such, is vetted by the community at large, not individual experts or fact-checkers. All information contributed to this page becomes public information - do not post confidential information.

When creating a new Best Practices article, please make sure you first use our search function thoroughly to ensure that a page for your topic does not already exist, and please ensure that your new page includes the following code at the top:


This will give the page the appropriate text at the beginning identifying it as an open Best Practices article, and cause it to appear in the correct directory. All Best Practices articles will be heavily reviewed and edited by other users as well as the Intellogist editors. For more information about creating and editing Best Practices articles, please see our Help pages.

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