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This tool allows for side-by-side comparison of the patent search systems that have been reviewed by the Intellogist team. To accurately interpret the table, review the category definitions provided in the Quick Table help topic. Also, be aware that the Quick Tables data is current as of the time the Intellogist article for a given search system was last updated, with the exception of data coverage information, which is updated as we are aware of changes. For more information, see our update policies. If you have questions about the data in the tool, please contact us. If you wish to purchase printable copies of comparison tables, see our FAQ.

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System DataFreePatentsOnline
Owner NameFree Patents Online
Intellogist ReportFreePatentsOnline
Address1500 Bay Road
Suite 274S
Miami Beach Florida 33139
United States
Main Telephone
Main Facsimile
Customer Support Email
Tool TypePatent Search Systems, Free Tools
Interface LanguageEnglish
Overall Rating
  • Currently 3.80 / 5
Rating: 3.8/5 (5 votes)
Data Coverage Rating
  • Currently 3.57 / 5
Rating: 3.6/5 (7 votes)
Document Delivery Rating
  • Currently 3.75 / 5
Rating: 3.8/5 (4 votes)
Import/Export Functions Rating
  • Currently 3.75 / 5
Rating: 3.8/5 (4 votes)
Value Rating
  • Currently 5.00 / 5
Rating: 5.0/5 (4 votes)
Usability Rating
  • Currently 4.00 / 5
Rating: 4.0/5 (6 votes)
Interface Functionality Rating
  • Currently 3.67 / 5
Rating: 3.7/5 (6 votes)
Search Accuracy Rating
  • Currently 3.50 / 5
Rating: 3.5/5 (6 votes)
Company Strength Rating
  • Currently 3.80 / 5
Rating: 3.8/5 (5 votes)
Customer Support Rating
  • Currently 3.40 / 5
Rating: 3.4/5 (5 votes)
Data Coverage FreePatentsOnline
Full Text: Patent Authority CoverageUS, EP, WO/PCT
Full Text: Patent Kind CoverageUS - Published Applications, Granted Patents; EP - Published Applications, Granted Patents; WO/PCT - Published International PCT Applications
Full Text: Number of Authorities3
Partial Text: Patent Authority CoverageJP
Partial Text: Patent Text CoveredJP - English Abstracts
Bibliographic: Patent Authority CoverageN/A
Machine Pre-Translated Datano No
Full Document Images: Patent Authority CoverageUS, EP, WO/PCT
Representative/Front Page Imagesyes Yes
Full Patent Drawing Setsno No
Corporate Tree Datano No
Non-Patent Coverageno No
Non-Patent SourcesN/A
Special Indexingno No
Update FrequencyMost collections are updated weekly; JP collections updated less frequently.
Comments on Missing CoverageAs with any patent collection, gaps in coverage may exist but have not been discovered or quantified.
Family DataFreePatentsOnline
Inpadoc Family Data Coverageno No
Types of Family DefinitionN/A
Derwent WPI Family Coverageno No
Citation DataFreePatentsOnline
Backward Citationsyes Yes
Forward Citationsyes Yes
Citation Data CoverageUS, EP, WO/PCT
Special Features of Citation SearchHyperlinked backwards citations ("domestic" only).
Citation Visualization Toolno No
Legal Status DataFreePatentsOnline
Legal Status Data Includedno No
Legal Status Data SourcesN/A
Classification DataFreePatentsOnline
Current US Classyes Yes
Original US Classno No
IPC - Ryes Yes
Original IPC data (v1-v7)no No
Japanese File Index Termsno No
Japanese F-Termsno No
Other National Classification SystemsN/A
Search Interface FunctionalityFreePatentsOnline
Search Formyes Yes
Command Line Style Interfaceyes Yes
Index Browsing Featureno No
Allowed OperatorsBoolean and proximity operators available. Proximity operators are non-order specific and user defined based on number of words apart. Weighting operators allow users to define how important each term is.
TruncationUnlimited and single character right and internal truncation. Stemming can be turned on or off as a preference.
Unique Features of the Search InterfaceAdvanced search offers command line input with field code reference sheet; sort order is specified from the search form.
Viewing ResultsFreePatentsOnline
Max Hit List SizeUnlimited
Single Representative Imageno No
View Full Document ImagePDF in browser view.
Patent Drawing Thumbnail Overviewno No
Family Sortingno No
Sorting by Other Criteriayes Yes, chronological or relevancy.
On-the-Fly Machine Translationsno No
Keyword Term Highlightingyes Yes
Keyword Term Navigationno No
User-Defined Highlightingno No
Highlighting Feature Supports Proximity Operatorsno No
Save Custom Lists From Search Resultsyes Yes, records can be saved to portfolios.
Combining Custom Patent Listyes Yes, portfolios can be copied and merged.
Unique Features of The Record ViewAll text displayed in one continuous page.
Search HistoryFreePatentsOnline
Saving Search Queriesyes Yes, saved queries can be edited, annotated, and turned into alerts.
Organizing Search Queriesno No, Queries can be edited and annotated, but not made into a search history.
Stored Search Query Expiration TimeOnce saved, stored searches do not expire.
Combining Search Queriesno No
Exporting Search Historiesno No, saved searches cannot be exported.
Alertsyes Yes
Import, Export and DownloadFreePatentsOnline
Import List of Document Numbersno No
Export Document Datayes Yes, records inside a portfolio can be exported to an Excel file. Bibliographic data for Bibtex and EndNote can be exported for individual records.
Formats for Export DataExcel, Bibtex, EndNote.
Individual Patent Copy Downloadingyes Yes
Bulk Patent Copy Downloadingno No
File Format for Patent Copy DownloadsPDF
Statistical Analysisno No
Graphsno No
Keyword Analysisno No
Customer SupportFreePatentsOnline
Cost/Usage Trackingno No, system is free to use.
On-Site Trainingno No
Scheduled Web Seminarsno No
Live Helpno No
Online User Guideyes Yes
Pricing PolicyFree
Primary System StrengthsPDF images available for all files except JP documents; strong document management for free search system; useful weighting operators.
Weaknesses and AnnoyancesNo search histories; no drawings available in hit list; confusing citation organization.
Overall AssessmentFree Patents Online is a useful entry level tool for searching major patent collections. It compares well with regards to other free patent search systems in terms of managing queries, alerts, and saving records. The weighting operators are worth checking out as a different way to hone searches.
Company StrengthFreePatentsOnline is the sister site of the (nearly identical) patent search site Development and improvements are ongoing for both sites.
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