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The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is a free online directory of open access journals maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access (as of Jan 2013), previously maintained by Lund University, Sweden.[1] The Directory defines an "Open Access Journal" as "journals that use a funding model that does not charge readers or their institutions for access."[1] The initiative for a comprehensive directory of open access journals was first discussed at the 2002 First Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication in Lund/Copenhagen, and initial work on the project was supported by the Open Society Institute (OSI).[1]

According to the FAQ section of the website, "the Directory aims to be comprehensive and cover all open access scientific and scholarly journals that use a quality control system to guarantee the content."[1] The FAQ states that the resources are cataloged at the journal title level, and the directory also attempts to obtain article metadata from the journal owner to make article level content searchable in the system.[1]

The Directory defines the following selection criteria for journals included in the system:[1]

  • Coverage:
    • Subject: all scientific and scholarly subjects are covered
    • Types of resource: scientific and scholarly periodicals that publish research or review papers in full text.
    • Acceptable sources: academic, government, commercial, non-profit private sources are all acceptable.
    • Level: the target group for included journals should be primarily researchers.
    • Content: a substantive part of the journal should consist of research papers. All content should be available in full text.
    • All languages
  • Access:
    • All content freely available.
    • Registration: Free user registration online is acceptable.
    • Open Access without delay (e.g. no embargo period).
  • Quality: For a journal to be included it should exercise quality control on submitted papers through an editor, editorial board and/or a peer-review system.
  • Periodical: The journal should have an ISSN.


The Directory includes two main navigation options:

  • Search
    • On the home page, use the Journals check box under the Search form to search by keyword for journal listings. Search results for this form include the journal title, ISSN, subject, publisher, country, resource type, language, issues, keywords, start year, and publication fee (with links to further information). Select the "Issues" link under each result to view the full journal record and all available issues and articles related to that journal that are catalogued in DOAJ.
    • On the home page, use the Articles check box under the Search form to search on words or phrases in an article. 10 search results are listed per page, including the article title, author(s), journal, year, volume, issue, and pages. The user can select to view the full DOAJ record on the article or view the full-text of the article on the publisher's website. You can further narrow your search results by using the facets on the right of the search results: Resource type, language, license type, publication fee, year.
  • Browse - Browse journals alphabetically by title, new titles added, by Subject, by Country, by License, by Publication charges or browse through a hierarchal subject tree.

Through the DOAJ website, users can also suggest a journal or view statistics related to DOAJ (spread of journals by country, daily visitor number, number of articles, and journals added within a specific date range).


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