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This page presents a list of IP-related blogs. If you would like to add your blog to the list, please log in to Intellogist and then select the "edit this page" tab at the top of this article space. The initial list of blogs on this page was contributed by Intellogist user Bartmans.

Please note: Intellogist staff moderates all contributions to this list but does not maintain the links on this page. Intellogist cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by these links and bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for any of its links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.

IP Blogs

General blog not specific for IP

General Worldwide

IP Iustitia - The discussion of news, cases, legislation and anything to do with Intellectual Property law, made accessible to everyone.

IP Iustitia

David Lilenfeld, founder Lilenfeld PC

Trademark News and Muses

GreyB Thoughts-

A blog discussing various aspects of Patent strategy.

Singapore Patent Blog

Cantab LLP, Singapore

Trust Tree Trademarks

Trust Tree's blog about the importance of trademarks and power of branding.

Wingra Associates, Inc. Blog.

A blog about economics and damages analysis in intellectual property litigation.

Lonestar Patent Services - Patents and Inventions Blog

IP news, information and services

IP Newsflash - hourly updated patent news, trademark headlines, intellectual property stories as well as related decisions, cas

IP news from all over the world

thinkPat - Analysing the origin of research and viewing innovation through patents


Docket Alarm - Full-text searches across millions of law-suits and real-time alerts to your inbox or mobile device

Docket Management

I-P Updates - News and Information for the Sophisticated Intellectual Property Practitioner

IP news from all over the world

IAM Blog - Intellectual Asset Management

IP management

Intellectual Property Forum - Index

Forum for IP related questions, general, but main focus on USA

Freedom for IP

User rights centered IP blog - Free culture perspective, mostly US, some international

Intellogist Blog

News on patent information

IP finance

Financial aspects of IP


Blog of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice

Patent Arcade

video game IP law

The Patent Librarian's Notebook

News on patent information

Against Monopoly

anti-patent blog - Blog


Law of the brand

Biotech and Pharma IP weblogs

Patent Docs

general, but focus on US

Patent Baristas

general, but focus on US

Holman's Biotech IP Blog


Patent Circle (Pharma)


Generic Pharmaceuticals and IP


Patenting Lives


Patently Biotech

The SPC blog


European Blogs

Saltedpatents - Delta

Blog from Pete Pollard (Delta patents) on EPC and EQE

K-s Law

EPC case law. Good blog, but contains annoying music

Lenz Blog (EP)

EP blog on copyright and patents

IPKat—IP news and fun for everyone

EP blog (focus on UK) on patents, trademarks, designs, copyright

European case law (FR)

French blog on EPC case law

EPLAW Patent Blog

discussion of patent court cases all over Europe

EQE Tools

site for students for the EQE

Axel H Horns blog (IP-JUR)

EP-news. Excellent source for keeping up with the development of the Community patent and the Community Patents Court

nipc IP-it Update



IE rechtspraak nederland


NL forum IP

Forum (very slow website)


News on court cases (main focus UK)

PatSci Blog

A blog about patents, science, intellectual property, and technology

USA Blogs

Patently-O Patent Law Blog

Top ranking IP blog. Also many comments from readers


Critical blog

Director's Forum David Kappos' Public Blog

Official blog from USPTO

Patently Academic

Blog with lots of practical advice

1201 Tuesday

717 Madison Place


Anticipate This!

Anything Under the Sun Made By Man - Patent Weblog by Russ Krajec

Best Mode »


blog dedicated to IP in the IT sector



Daily Dose of IP - Patent Blog Duncan Bucknell Company's IP ThinkTank blog

e'-ip blog

Federal Circuit Blog

Filewrapper® News and commentary on patent, trademark, and copyright law

Found Persuasive

GRAY On Claims - A Claim Construction and Patent Law Blog

Innovation Alliance

Intellectual Property Blogs

Intellectual Property Expert Group (ipeg)

Intellectual Property Intelligence Blog

Intellectual Property Litigation Home

Intellectual Property Watch


IP & Patents @ Big Blog

IP Deals

IP Doctor

IP Litigation Lawyer & Attorney Mann Law Group Contingency Fee Patent Trial Lawyer

IP Spotlight

IP Transactionalists

Just a Patent Examiner


OC Patent Lawyer A blog on protecting inventions through patents.

Patent Advice Blog - Boswell IP Law

Patent Demand

Patent Pending Blog - Patents and the History of Technology

Patent Practice Center - Practising Law Institute

Patent Prospector

Patentably Defined A Practical Patent Prosecution By Michael E. Kondoudis


Patents101, Hyra IP's Patents Blog


Peter Zura's 271 Patent Blog

Philip Brooks' Patent Infringement Updates

The Art of IP War

The Fire of Genius

The Business of Patents Blog

The IP Factor

The Patent Law Journal

The Prior Art

The Reexamination Center


USPTO Examiners

The Invent Blog

PHOSITA® an intellectual property blawg (patent law blog) covering patent copyright and trademark issues

Practising Law Institute - Patent Practice Center - Ethical Issues in Patent Litigation

Post Grant Opposition

presumptionofvalidity » Maintenance Mode

Promote the Progress® J. Matthew Buchanan's Patent Blog

Scientific Lawyer

Steve van Dulken's Patent blog

Sullivan's IP Law Outline & Analysis


general stories, patent + other IP

SurfWax News, Reviews and Articles On Patent Infringement

Maryland Intellectual Property Law Blog

Chicago IP Litigation Blog

Washington State Patent Law Blog

Patent & IP Law Topics

Technology & Marketing Law Blog by Eric Goldman

Staas & Halsey LLP: Intellectual Property Law

Phoenix Intellectual Property Attorney

Intellectual property blog from a legal perspective.

Intellectual Property Law in Virginia

Blogs covering specific countries/regions other than US and EP

Afro-IP - the blog for intellectual property law, practice and policies


Australian patent law


Australian Trade Mark Opposition Law


IPwar's (Australië)


Blog d'Axel Beelen (Belgium)

Belgium (Belgium)




IP Dragon (CN)


Spicy IP


The IP Factor (IL)


Russian Patents Blog


IP Tango (South America)

South America

Comical sites

IP Funny -- Intellectual Property Humor

Patent Cartoons

Patently Silly - The Humor of Invention - presented by Daniel Wright

What the Funny…Patents -

All About Patents

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