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The Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial (INPI) of Brazil provides a free online portal for patent searching, filing, and administration called the e-Patentes Platform. The portal is available in Portuguese, Spanish, or English, and users can change the interface language by selecting from the language options in the upper right corner of the portal. The service is divided into seven modules:[1]

  • e-Services
    • Module 1 - Provision of documents and Statistics through the Web
    • Module 2 - Electronic OnLine Filling
    • Module 3 - Biological Sequence Listings
  • e-Administration
    • Module 4 - International Patent Classification
    • Module 5 - Collaboration among offices of Industrial Property
    • Module 6 - Document Management
    • Module 7 - Process Management

Module 1 - Provision of Documents and Statistics through the Web

According to the description on the e-Patentes homepage:[1]

Module I is a subset of tools that are focused on providing Web documents that comprises a patent application. More specifically, the scope of this work involves three systems: e-Patentes/Parecer (e-Parecer), e-Patentes/Carta (e-Carta), and e-Patentes/Vista (e-Vista).
  • e-Parecer - This system allows users to search for INPI "reports generated in accordance with Article 35 of Law 9.279/96, during the technical examination of patent applications. The reports are available as PDF files with electronic signature, as well, the cited prior art documents are also available."[2] Users can search by journal number or application number.
  • e-Carta - This system allows users to search for INPI "Patents or Certificates of Addition of Invention, which were granted in accordance with Article 38 of Law 9.279/96. The Patents or Certificates of Addition of Invention are available in PDF format with digital certification."[3] Users can search by journal number or application number.
  • e-Vista - This system allows users to search for INPI "information and public documents of patent dossiers. Currently, the system is in assisted operation period, which means that not all information and documents are available for access."[4] This search interface resembles the European Patent Register. Users can access a quick search form (search by application number, application number before change in nature, or filing date) or an advanced search form (search by application number, application number before change in nature, filing date, applicant names, inventor names, agent name, or IPC code).


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