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Espresso™ is a subscription-based online "emerging technology information search engine" created by the Emerjent, Inc.[1] Espresso indexes data from a variety of documents, including:[2]

  • US issued patents (1976-present) and US patent applications (2001-present)
  • Peer-reviewed research papers
  • NIH, NSF, and SBIR/STTR research grants
  • Grant solicitation announcements
  • News stories from 1000 technology sources
  • Market and web search data

The indexing process extracts people, company, and university names and maps the connections that link these entities.[2] Espresso contains a "people index," which links over 5 million people to documents and maintains an up-to-date profile on each individual, and a "places index," which links over 1 million corporations, institutions, and government labs to documents and maintains a profile on each place.[2]

Search and retrieval features of Espresso include:[2]

  • Three separate search forms that can be used simultaneously. One search form is for keywords related to technologies, one form is for names of people, and the last form is for place names.
  • "Assisted Search" function which generates a list of common terms found in documents related to your query term. The user can add any of these a suggested terms to their original query to narrow the results. The terms can be added into the following fields in combination with the original query: "Title must contain," "Document must contain," "Document should contain," "Document must not contain."
  • View and edit recent searches.
  • Relevancy ranking in search results (keyword relavence and "technology impact").
  • Search results divided under seperate tabs: People, Places, IP, Research, Financing, Buzz, Market.
  • Options to export, share, or save search results.
  • Professional search service is available with customized reports of results.

As of November 2012, the Emerjent website does not appear to be available, and selecting a link for the site results in an error page.


Subscribing users for the Premium plan get access to:[3]

  • Search function.
  • Customizable technology dashboard - View recent updates for selected People, Places, and Technologies.
  • Change recent searches to email alerts.
  • Collaboration tools - Share search results.
  • Export to Excel and PDF format.


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