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Exalead is a company formed in 2000 that produces a free search platform (of the same name) which searches for web pages, images, videos, Wikipedia entries, and files within the user's PC.[1] On the search homepage, users can choose to search through five tabs: Web, My PC, Images, Videos, and Wikipedia. Selecting the Advanced Search link will open a menu of operator options (Exact Phrases, Exact Words, Optional Terms, Excluded Terms, etc), field search options (Site Search, Title Search, URL Search, and Link Search), and date ranges (before or after a certain date). When a user selects an advanced search option, the operator/field code appears directly in the search form with a blank area where the user can type the search terms. Different advanced search options are available for four search types (web, image, video, Wikipedia). Users must download the free edition of Exalead Desktop (similar to Google Desktop) in order to conduct searches within their own computer files under the My PC tab.[2]

After the user selects a search type and constructs the query, they are taken to a hit list that displays a preview image for each search result (either the actual image or a screenshot of the video or website). For each result, users can choose to go directly to the site, view a cached version of the site with search terms highlighted, or bookmark the site. Bookmarked sites are accessible for registered users as the thumbnail image results on the main search page.

Related search terms are listed above the hit list under the Web search. Each search type also includes a side or top menu that displays a variety of filtering criteria and related terms:

  • Web - Filter by site type, related terms, languages, or countries.
  • Image - Filter by content (face), realism (graphic or photo), file type, orientation (landscape or portrait), and color.
  • Video - Filter by source and category.
  • Wikipedia - View related terms in a tag cloud, organized into four types: Category, People, Location, and Organization.

User Account

Users can register to create a free account on the Exalead website. Both registered and unregistered users can search on the platform, but registered users can permanently change and save preferences about their search settings and access saved bookmarks.[3] Options for search preferences include:

  • Interface/Search language
  • Number of results per page
  • Option to open results and bookmarks in a new window
  • Option to turn on infinite scroll for image searches
  • Option to enable suggestions for search queries
  • Option to allow the system to save queries and integrate them into suggested queries
  • Safe search option
  • Option to show only most relevant image results from website


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