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Factiva.com is a subscription-based business intelligence search system created by Dow Jones that offers a collection of "more than 31,000 sources from more than 200 countries in 26 languages, including nearly 600 continuously updated newswires."[1] Factiva features include quick or advanced search interfaces, alerts through "automated email and mobile alerts," the ability to "distribute search results or breaking news via professional newsletters or enterprise widget placed on the corporate portal" and "in-depth company, executive and industry profiles."[2]


The Factiva search interface includes the options for a Simple Search (quick) or Search Builder (advanced). For the Simple Search, users enter a keyword or phrase and filter the search by source type (pictures, multimedia, web news, blogs, etc.) and time frame. The Search Builder allows the user to create more complex queries by combining keyword search with multiple limiting criteria (source, company, subject, industry, region, or language). The limiting criteria are organized into hierarchal menus, and users can select limiting terms from these menus in order to narrow the search.

Use Factiva's search builder to enter search terms and select limiting factors for your query.

After creating a search query, users are taken to the search results page where they can choose to save the search, create an alert based on the search, or return to the search form to modify the query. Users can also utilize the left side panel to view statistics on the search results based on the limiting criteria, and selecting the statistics will narrow the search results based on the selected criteria. Users can also choose from multiple display options for the search result page, including the option to view the search results list in one frame and a full or preview version of the selected result in an adjacent frame. Users can choose to view, email, print, or download the search results in a variety of formats, including XML, RTF, or PDF. Search results can also be added to a "Newsletter" to share with colleagues.

Factiva displays limiting criteria in a side window and the search results in a main window.

Under the "Companies/Markets" tab of the main horizontal menu on Factiva, users can select the "Company" section to look up Company Snapshots.

Search for a Company Snapshot on Factiva.

A Company Snapshot includes:

  • General contact information for the company
  • Stock price activity
  • Business description
  • Primary industry classification
  • Key facts (key executives, key financials)
  • Latest news
  • Key developments
  • Peer comparison
  • Analysis and profiles
  • Custom reports

A Company Snapshot on Factiva.


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