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Fachinformationszentrum Technik (FIZ Technik) was a state-initiated technical information center formed in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1979 that produced bibliographic databases for technical subject areas, and it consisted of two companies, FIZ Technik eV and the FIZ-Technik-Inform GmbH.[1] The organization filed for bankruptcy in May 2010. Employees of FIZ Technik eV founded a new company, WTI-Frankfurt eG (STI Frankfurt eG), in November 2010.[1][2]

FIZ Technik offered about 70 databases with around 50 million records, including engineering literature, patent documents, and company and product information.[1] The databases covered the fields of:[1]

  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Textile technology
  • Management and organization


WTI-Frankfurt was granted use and distribution rights for the TEMA® databases by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).[2] The TEMA databases offer more than 4 million bibliographic records, accessible through the TecFinder search platform.[3] The Technology and Management (TEMA) databases include German and/or English abstracts and can be searched in English or German. [4] TEMA databases include: DOMA® engineering and plant engineering, ZDE - Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology, ENTEC energy technology, WEMA® materials/material, TOGA® textile, MEDITEC Medical Technology, MOUNTAIN mining and BEFO management and organization.[4]

On the TecFinder platform, users can also access TecScan, an early alert service for new publications on technical topics,[5], and the Thesaurus, which contains over 150,000 hierarchically organized technical terms.[6]


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