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The INPI Patent Database for the French Patent Office (INPI) is accessible through INPI website and allows users to search for the current status on both French patent documents and European Patent Office (EP) applications and granted patents which list France as a designated state. The database uses the European Patent Register service from the EPO to locate legal information on:[1]

  • patents and utility certificates in force in France: published pending French applications and granted French or European patents.
  • supplementary protection certificate (SPC) applications filed at the INPI from 1993 (in accordance with the EC Regulations) and published.
  • patents published and utility certificates filed since 1989 which are no longer in force:
    • if the French applications were refused or withdrawn in 1999 or after,
    • if the French patents and utility certificates and the European patents lapsed in 1999 or after.

The Patent Database is updated every Friday, and legal information is available in the database as soon as it is published in the Patent Official Gazette (Bulletin officiel de la propriété industrielle - BOPI). The last renewal fee payment is available in the database about 3 weeks after payment to INPI, and the documents of the grant procedure (for FR applications filed since 2001) can be consulted according to type:[2]

  • at the time of the publication of the application, at the time of the grant or
  • 15 days after they have been recorded at INPI.

Major Recent Updates

January 2015

According to the INPI website:[3]

The INPI Patent database is the new online search service offered by the INPI designed to replace the FR Espacenet and Patent status databases which will be closed on Wednesday, 28 January. The Patent database contains some approximately 7.7 millions applications, including:
  • the French patent applications (FR) published from 1902 onwards
  • the European (EP) and international (WO) applications since 1978
  • the supplementary protection certificate applications (SPC) published since 1993
Information regarding the status in France is available for the applications filed since 1989.


The portal can be viewed in English or French by selecting from the language options listed in the upper right corner of the page. A collapsible menu of quick links to help and news information is displayed on the left side of the page. Two search forms are available for the Patent Status Database:

  • Quick Search - Search by publication number or application number.
  • Advanced Search - Search by publication number, application number, filing date, publication date, priority date, or date of grant.

Advanced Search form for the Patent Status Database.

The user is either taken directly to the full record view (if only one record was located from the search), or the user is taken to a results list where the user can sort results (up to 500) by application number or publication number in ascending or descending order. Result sets over 500 cannot be sorted. From the results list, users can print the current page of results, refine the search, or select an individual result to view the full record view.

Search results list.

From the full record view, users can view status, date of next renewal fee, and bibliographic data under the "About this file" section, or users may view documents related to the patent application/granted patent under the "All documents" section of the record. Users may choose from the full record view to download selected documents, print bibliographic data or the list of documents, open the record on FR_Espacenet, report an error, or refine the search.

view status, date of next renewal fee, and bibliographic data under the "About this file" section of the full record view.

A full list of possible documents that may be accessible under the Patent Status Database from the FR grant procedure include:[4]

  • Abstract (drawing)
  • Abstract (text)
  • Acceptable erratum
  • Acceptable observations by third parties
  • Claims
  • Description
  • Drawing(s)
  • Extension to fixed time limit for answer to PSR
  • First page of erratum
  • First page of granted patent (FR-B)
  • First page of application (FR-A)
  • Letter sent by applicant, recorded since July 2009
  • Notification for an application, recorded since July 2009
  • Official copy of priority
  • Power of representative
  • Preliminary search report
  • Reply to preliminary search report
  • Reply to preliminary search report when it has been studied by INPI
  • Request for granting
  • Response from applicant or third party (in context of observations by third parties)
  • Search report
  • Sequence listing
  • Supplementary search report
  • Transfer of priority right
  • Written opinion, since March 2007


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