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The French Patent Office website (Institut national de la propriété industrielle - INPI) links to a variety of news, information, and databases for all forms of intellectual property in France, include trademarks, patents, and designs. The website only appears to be available in French, so users should utilize a machine translation tool (like Google Translate) to translate the site into their language of choice.

The following free databases are accessible through the INPI website:

  • Brands Database - Search through bibliographic and legal information on over 3 million trademarks. This database is updated weekly.[1]
  • Patents Database - FR_Espacenet gives you access to about 5 million French, European, and international applications (and granted patents) published since 1978. You can view the originals of all of applications and patents issued since 1989 and French translations for French EP patents since 2004. A new version of the service is called GB_Espacenet, online since February 21, 2012, which is presented similarly to the EPO Worldwide Espacenet and offers better navigation.[2]
  • Patent Status Database - View legal information on FR and EP applications (designating France) from 1989. View information about payment of the last renewal fee in France and documents related to the the issuing process for French applications filed since 2001. Finally, view legal information on supplementary protection certificate (SPC) applications filed at the INPI from 1993.[3]
  • 19th Century Patents - Search French patents issued from 1791 to 1902.[4]
  • Designs Database - Search and view bibliographic and legal information on about 700,000 French designs and 350,000 international designs. French design coverage includes those published since 1910, with images from 1996 (source INPI). International designs includes those published since 1979, with images from 1985 (Source WIPO). The database is updated every 15 days for French designs and monthly for international designs. The database does not include unregistered designs whose publication has been a request for adjournment or those deposited in simplified form.[5]
  • Caselaw Database - Search national court decisions involving intellectual property, as well as decisions of the INPI regarding opposition brands. You can consult judgments and decisions relating to:[6]
    • patents since 1823 (full text from 1997)
    • brands since 1904 (full text from 1997)
    • designs since 1994 (full text from 1994)
    • oppositions brand since 2004 in full text.

Users may also download official bulletins from the INPI (Bulletin officiel de la propriété industrielle - BOPI), including BOPI Patents from January 2005 onwards and BOPI Trademarks and Designs from January 2006 onwards.[7]


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