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GenSeq is a subscription-based database of "genetic sequences from worldwide patents, manually annotated to highlight IP context and biological significance" created by Thomson Reuters.[1] The database covers "all biological sequences patented since 1981 from 41 worldwide patent-issuing authorities, including WO, US, EP, JP, DE, IN and CN" and contains over 27 million biological sequences from over 150,000 patent documents.[1] About 600 patents are added every two weeks to the database.[1]


The biological sequence information in the database includes:[2]

  • Nucleic acid sequences 10 or more bases in length.
  • Amino acid sequences 4 or more residues in length.
  • All PCR primers and probes of any length.
  • Sequence and contextual information, irrespective of its location within a patent, including organism name, gene/protein name, sequence modifications, associated disease information.
  • Links to identical records from NCBI, SWISSPROT, Gene Ontology (GO) annotation, and sequence aliases.

Each indexed record in the database contains:[2]

  • Enhanced patent titles.
  • English language abstract from non-English sources.
  • Sequence location within the patent document.
  • Original source organism.
  • Highlighted biologically significant regions of the sequence.
  • Standardized, full bibliographic data.
  • Commentary clarifying sequence novelty and utility underlying each invention.


According to the Thomson Reuters website, users can access GenSeq through the following platforms:[3]

  • An EMBL-like FTP-delivered flat file, delivered every two weeks for inclusion in your in-house information system.
  • Companion database GENESEQ™ FASTAlert that enables searching of new sequences.
  • GenomeQuest
  • STN International
  • Thomson Pharma ®

According to the SequenceBase website[4], user can access GENESEQ™ and FASTAlert via the SequenceBase BLAST Search Portal

Current GENESEQ™ coverage:


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