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Quantify IP


Global IP Estimator is an Intellectual Property Cost Estimation software, developed by Quantify IP, aimed at providing future cost estimation reports and analysis for various types of Intellectual Properties including Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Utility Models. Global IP Estimator is one of the most widely used IP cost estimation software worldwide. It comes in two formats, one is a desktop version and another one is an online one.[1]

Functions and Features

Global IP Estimator provides cost estimation for various Intellectual Property types and its stages. The various stages includes Filing, Examination, Prosecution, Granting and Maintenance.

For every IP application, Global IP Estimator calculates stage wise total costs to be spent. The cost shown in the estimates are based on the fee schedule of various IP law firms across the world. The estimate also includes official fees of IP offices. A user can view the fees in any currency. The fees are converted from one currency to other based on the updated exchange rates.

Estimate Reports

Estimate reports contain application information and future cost details. There are three types are reports being generated from Global IP Estimator. They are The Condensed Summary Report, The Summary Report and The Detail Report.

  • The Condensed Summary Report: The Condensed Summary Report shows a quick view of total IP application costs. It displays total estimates as one country per line for categories Official Fees, Associate Fees, In-House Costs and for Annuities (for Patents).
  • The Summary Report:It displays estimates for every stage, for example considering a Patent, the Summary Report contains Filing Stage, Examination Stage, Granting Stage and Maintenance Stage.
  • The Detail Report:The Detail Report itemizes all sources of fees and costs for a given application and provides a breakdown of patent maintenance fees by annuity year for patent applications.


The following supplemental software modules can be purchased separately to customize the reports further.

  • The Assignment/Modification Module: This module allows to run estimates for Assignment/modifications such as name, address change on IP applications.
  • The Design Module: The Design Module enables a user to run estimates of Design applications.
  • The Prosecution Module: Prosecution module is specific for Patents. User can estimate future costs of Office Actions by using this module.
  • The Timeline Module: Timeline Module allocates costs to specific years and creates a timeline projection of costs.
  • The User-Set Fees Module: This module provides access to customize user based fee set for each country to specify foreign associate fees.
  • The Utility Module: The Utility Model Module enables a user to run estimates of Utility Model applications.

Global IP Estimator Online

Global IP Estimator Online is the online version of Global IP Estimator. Features mentioned above for Global IP Estimator is also present in the Online version. In addition to that, Timeline reports are available in Online version. Timeline reports are only available when choosing Patents from the main menu. Three types of Timeline reports are,

  • Timeline Totals: This report shows the summary of the applications over the specified timeline period.
  • Timeline by Stage: This report shows the specified timeline broken down into individual stages.
  • Timeline by Category of Cost: This report shows the specified timeline broken down into the categories of costs.


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