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Goldfire Innovator is a product offered by Invention Machine, Inc. It is a software package with a suite of tools that are designed to support product design processes, including recognized engineering processes - for example, a 2007 press release mentions support for such engineering processes as Failure Modes Effect and Analysis (FMEA) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).[1]


Knowledge Management and Collaboration

The product includes a search tool for patent and scientific literature, but it also places significant emphasis on the ability to search a company's internal knowledge stores, as knowledge management and collaboration are seen by the company as a key factor in successful product design.[2] According to the datasheet on Goldfire Innovator, users can search both internal knowledge stores ("corporate and personal file systems, email and enterprise applications") and external sources of scientific and technical information ("worldwide patent and technical literature including a pre-indexed repository of IEEE content and a collection of several thousand scientific and technical websites").[3]

Collaboration features of Goldfire include:[4]

  • The ability to post questions or comments and view responses anywhere in the application
  • Users can ask questions for specific audiences (project team, email group, subject expert)
  • Subject matter experts are identified by Goldfire using semantic processing capabilities
  • Multiple experts can comment on a question and all responses are indexed by Goldfire

Semantic Search and Other Features

In 2007, a press release for Goldfire Innovator 4.0 stated that the search capabilities of the tool are built on semantic search technology. A major feature of the 4.0 product release was an "Automated Parts and Functions finder" tool, which relies on semantic search technology to extract information recorded in a company's internal document records.[1] The 6.6 product includes the "one-click" semantic search option through the Research query field.[5]

According to the datasheet, the natural language search interface "supports English, German, French and Japanese queries and content, including unique cross-language queries and results summarization."[3]

Goldfire Innovator also includes a module for users to design an intellectual property strategy, and may offer some patent landscaping capabilities or features. [6]

Goldfire Insight vs. Goldfire Innovator

Goldfire Insight offers basic functions of the system, while Goldfire Innovator offers the same basic functions, plus advanced workflow features. Insight offers "core innovation capabilities," including "core research, collaboration and ideation tools."[7] Innovator offers all features of Insight, plus "advanced innovation workflows and innovation tools for more complex innovation tasks."[7]

A press release describes how Goldfire Insight was designed to support "vital, yet common, everyday innovation activities" ranging "from solving problems for customers and resolving field situations to researching competitor landscapes and ways to reuse existing technology."[8]

Recent Updates

July 2011 - Invention Machine released Goldfire 6.6, and enhancements include:[5]

  • One-click semantic search: new Research query field
  • Scheduled research email notifications
  • Access to additional, relevant scientific, engineering, and industry data sources (MIT DSpace, FSTA Direct, SPIE Digital Library)

September 2009 - Launch of Goldfire 5.5 and Goldfire Insight. Enhancements in Goldfire 5.5 include the knowledge navigator capability, which reconstructs a user's past search processes.[8]

January 2009 - Launch of Goldfire 5.0, with enhancements including:[9]

  • New user interface to navigate through different innovation tasks
  • Innovation metrics provide a snapshot of the company’s innovation landscape, trends and program successes as well as detailed view of specific projects
  • Goldfire Desktop – a widget that details tasks and projects

User Experiences

Perhaps because of the emphasis on product design, Invention Machine has not commonly exhibited Goldfire Innovator at patent searching events such as the Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) annual conference. A list of industry events the company attended in 2009 is available from this site, and includes conferences directed toward innovation and product design rather than information science, knowledge management or patent search.--KWhitman 11:24, 30 August 2010 (EDT)


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