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IP Search is the official search platform for the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO) and provides a free English-language search interface for all "data of the electronic register of HIPO, as well as in the data of the international and Community industrial property titles of protection effective on the territory of Hungary."[1] As of June 1, 2011, IP Search replaced Public Industrial Property Aggregate Collection for Search (PIPACS) as HIPO's "e-search database covering all industrial property titles of protection."[1]

The IP Search platform provides a number of search options, including:

  • Simple Search - Search through all titles of protection in the database.[1] This fielded search form allows users to search within a number of fields (identifier, title/mark name, names, dates, or quick search (across all fields)). Select the question mark beside each field to view the correct query formation for that field.
  • Advanced Search - These fielded forms search through specific types of intellectual property. Select question marks beside fields to view instructions on correct query formation.
    • Patent - Search by application type, kind, origin, title, keywords (occurring in specific sections of the document), IPC class, names (select type of name), dates, and priority date.
    • Supplementary Protection Certificate - Search by product type, identifier, title, names (select type of name), and dates.
    • Plant varieties - Search by type, identifier, title, IPC class/UPOV code, names (select type of name), and dates.
    • Utility models - Search by application type, origin, title, keywords (occurring in specific sections of the document), IPC class, names (select type of name), dates, and priority date.
    • Trademarks - Search by trademark type, identifier, dates, Nice classification, Vienna classification, trademark name, owners/applicants, and other parties.
    • Geographical Indications - Search by GI type, identifier, dates, Nice classes, list of products, denomination, names, and category.
    • Design protection - Search by design type, identifiers, indication of product, dates, Locarno classification, owner/applicant, designer, representative, and person submitting observation.
    • Topography - Full list of topographies appears directly in the hit list.
  • Copyright Research
    • Voluntary register of works - Search by identifier, text, and names.
    • Orphan works - View a list of orphan works (in Hungarian).

Search results for all search forms will appear in a separate tab of the website. Users can view results in a row, picture, or grid hit list, sorted by various date and number options in ascending or descending order. The grid format provides further filtering options, since users can select specific criteria from column drop-down menus or enter keywords for specific columns to further narrow the result set. Select the title or number of the record (depending on the hit list format) to view the full record view in another tab on the web page.


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