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Innography is a patent analysis software platform that is notable for the integration of hundreds of business and legal data sources into its patent database, including Dun & Bradstreet financial information, and the PACER database of US litigation. This integration allows Innography to make predictions about patent strength and value, and to predict the probable owners of unassigned patent applications.

Innography’s Advanced Analysis™ is designed to correlate patent, trademark, company, financial, scientific and litigation data into a single platform suitable for both professional IP researchers and business users.

Data from more than 100 sources and 102 jurisdictions, combined with 50 different exportable visualizations, together answer business questions related to IP strategy, litigation, licensing, product development, risk management, M&A due diligence and competitive intelligence.

Innography’s semantic search is a user-friendly tool for discovering information that would otherwise be hidden in the obtuse language of patent disclosures. This feature allows semantic analysis within a portfolio, against patents of a particular company or against Innography’s entire database of nearly 90 million patents.

PatentStrength™ is an automatically assigned, proprietary Innography algorithm based on academic research that allows users to determine which technologies are the most valuable in a portfolio. PatentStrength scoring is derived based on 12 different parameters. In the Spring 2014 release, Innography launched CustomStrength™, which allows users to build their own sorting algorithms to assess patent strength.

Other unique features of Advanced Analysis are one-click Playbooks designed to automate research and provide insight. Playbooks were recently reviewed by IDC.

Playbooks allow users to quickly:

• Dissect large portfolios

• Find the most important patents in a portfolio

• Identify potential infringers

• Find potentially invalidating prior art for assertion response

• Understand a company’s IP-related litigation

• Uncover patent land mines

• Identify litigious companies in key technology areas

Innography visualizations are exportable and editable in Microsoft Office®. Users can easily edit and present data to communicate relevant information to stakeholders.

Innography Explorer™ is a subset of Advanced Analysis designed for inventors and researchers. It is bundled with wizards for ideation, creating invention disclosures, examining white space and for semantic prior-art search.

PatentGuard™ is a managed service chain-of-title examination designed for people that buy, sell or license patents. Patents are examined back to date of grant for 25+ potential title defect issues. Innography provides a certified audit report of any existing issues to help IP owners assure their asset is properly protected.

Innography offers three levels of support and professional services, an online knowledgebase, on-demand and live training and managed services.

The Spring 2014 Release was launched on May 19, 2014. This represents the largest release in Innography's history. New features include:

• Company Comparison: Compare portfolios along multiple dimensions

• PatentScape: Landscaping technologies of interest

• CustomStrength™: Allows users to build their own sorting algorithms to assess patent strength

• DocShare: Area for including internal data as part of patent analysis

• Non-patent Literature: Over 4 million documents included at no charge

• And more...

Press release:

On November 11, 2013, Innography's Fall 2013 Release is available. This is no-cost upgrade to existing Innography clients and includes:

• Query converter, allowing users of legacy IP platforms to migrate their saved queries to Innography

• New wildcards and advanced search operators

• More than 200,000 new PACER 830 Court Actions

• Expanded Expiration Date Calculations

• More than 5,000,000 new public PAIR legal statuses

• The full database of nearly 100 million patents has been indexed to support the Cooperative Patent Classification

• A new bulk document download feature supports either front page or full document downloads in Microsoft Office (r) format

On November 11, 2013, Innography released PatentScout™. PatentScout is a low-cost, private IP search tool that eliminates the privacy risk associated with public search tools.

• Private, secure and encrypted -- no risk of exposing potential IP strategy

• Supports keyword and semantic search

• Includes full Innography database of nearly 100 million patents

• Flat fee, unlimited users without incremental expense

• Mobile-friendly

• Simplified user interface

• Convenient “See More Like This” feature

• Downloadable patents

PatentScout quickly displays relevant patent information:

• Quick number lookup

• Abstract

• Image clipping

• Forward and backward citations

• Current assignee

• Priority date

• Description

• Claims

• Inventor

• Legal status

• Filing date





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