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Innography is a patent analysis software platform that is notable for the integration of hundreds of business and legal data sources into its patent database, including Dun & Bradstreet financial information, and the PACER database of US litigation. This integration allows Innography to make predictions about patent strength and value, and to predict the probable owners of unassigned patent applications. Innography lays claim to providing the closest-to-reality results of intellectual property data.

Innography’s flagship search and analytics tool, Advanced Analysis™ is designed to correlate patent, trademark, company, financial, scientific and litigation data into a single platform suitable for both professional IP researchers and business users. It offers data from more than 100 sources and 102 jurisdictions, combined with 70 different exportable visualizations (allowing users to easily edit within Microsoft Office® and present data to communicate relevant information to stakeholders), together answer business questions related to IP strategy, litigation, licensing, product development, risk management, M&A due diligence and competitive intelligence. The detail outlining data available within Innography can be found here.

At the core of Advanced Analysis are Innography’s semantic search and PatentStrength™. Semantic search is a user-friendly tool for discovering information that would otherwise be hidden in the obtuse language of patent disclosures. This feature allows semantic analysis within a portfolio, against patents of a particular company or against Innography’s entire database of over 100 million U.S. and international patents.

PortfolioIQ allows users to incorporate internal private information into Advanced Analysis and match it with public patent data, upon which full analyses and searching may be conducted. This feature allows any and all internal data related to IP e.g. financial information, product details, docketing updates etc. to be married up with the public information in order to conduct the most comprehensive and powerful analysis for corporations. All the fields within PortfolioIQ are customizable and can be applied to any desired data sets.

PatentStrength is an automatically assigned, proprietary algorithm based on academic research that allows users to determine which technologies are the most valuable in a portfolio. PatentStrength scoring is derived from 12 different parameters. In 2014, Innography launched CustomStrength™, which allows users to build their own sorting algorithms to assess patent strength.

Other unique features of Advanced Analysis include:

One-click Playbooks designed to automate research and provide insight. Playbooks allow users to quickly:

• Dissect large portfolios

• Find the most important patents in a portfolio

• Identify potential infringers

• Find potentially invalidating prior art for assertion response

• Understand a company’s IP-related litigation

• Uncover patent land mines

• Identify litigious companies in key technology areas

Innography Explorer - a subset of Advanced Analysis, designed for inventors and researchers. It is bundled with wizards for ideation, creating invention disclosures, examining white space and semantic prior-art search.

PatentScout® — provides enterprise-wide private search capabilities, enabling everyone in your organization to conduct patent searches as needed, including semantic search and simple visualizations, without the loss of privacy and search logging associated with free, public tools.

PatentIQ® — allows users to communicate important data, privately, to stakeholders across the organization. Drag, drop and share – that’s all it takes to share critical IP information with your stakeholders. PatentIQ’s dynamic reports never need manual updating. Integrated collaboration and an email comment digest keep everyone in the know.

PatentGuard® - a managed service chain-of-title examination, designed for people that buy, sell, or license patents. Patents are examined back to date of grant for 25+ potential title defect issues. Innography provides a certified audit report of any existing issues to help IP owners assure their asset is properly protected.

Innography offers three levels of support and professional services, an online knowledgebase, on-demand and live training and managed services. Some of their most notable clients include Google, GoPro, Apple, Amazon, and HP.

Here are some of their more recent releases.

Fall 2016

New items included within the Fall 2016 release are:

• PortfolioIQ (see above)

• Enhanced portfolio analysis capabilities including including financial performance, cross-citation analysis, and a unique portfolio cost estimator using benchmark data from CPA Global’s IP Forecaster

• Terminal Disclaimer flags showing all the patents connected by a terminal disclaimer relationship to easily identify all relevant documents for maintenance, transfer, or sale.

• Enhanced public PAIR data and NEW metrics-Using visualized charts, you can predict prosecution outcomes and evaluate strategies for a specific patent in the context of the patent’s examiner, art unit, and USPTO as a whole.

• Inventor Normalizations apply Innography’s correlation and normalization algorithms to inventor names which have reduced 70% of redundant inventor records due to misspellings, duplicates/rollups, etc. Helpful for inventor recognition and compensation management which requires countless hours of tracking for compliance.

• Keyword search builder makes it easier to build a complex search string without knowledge of search syntax

Spring 2016

The new and enhanced features enable increased flexibility and breadth around private, unique data for more insightful analytics. The features included in this release:

• Custom 4D Visualization—Get more control to dissect or represent your data in a customizable way and quickly see results from different perspectives.

• Public PAIR data—Access to prosecution metrics and trends across applications, examiners, and art units all without leaving the platform.

• Expanded Semantic Search—Find highly relevant patents, globally for a more complete analysis results. Jurisdictions now include: JP, CN, DE, EP, WO, and KR.

• More Data—More jurisdictions are available without an additional charge, increasing our full-text country coverage by 50%.

• Updated User Interface—A refreshed interface makes it even easier to review results, so you can be even MORE productive with the tool.

Fall 2015

The focus of the Fall 2015 Release is on improving usability for the search results grid, projects, patent family hierarchy, and reporting. The usability enhancements result in significant productivity gains for users, increasing efficiency when working with large data sets and many saved projects through more in-tool control over analysis and reporting.

The following are the enhancements at a glance:

Projects Interface

• Search and analyze across all projects and labels

• Label management and visibility

• Bulk project operations

• Project editor to manage documents and labels within a project

• Project notes and descriptions

Configurable Search Results View

• Customizable, sortable data columns

• One-click menu for grouping and visualizations

• New project and label refinement filters for all search results

Patent Family Visual

• Patent family relationships and hierarchy

• Displays legal status timeline

• Exportable chart with underlying data

PatentIQ® Enhancements

• White-labeling ability for dashboards

• Expanded data set management

• Data Enhancements

• PTAB case docket files

• Millions more Non-Patent Literature documents

Winter 2015

The major enhancements are for Advanced Analysis, and include:

• Full-text translated patents: JP, DE, and KR

• Full-text native language patents: GB, AU, RU, and IN

• PTAB and ITC litigation cases

• Litigation analytics

• Expanded refinement panel options for litigation

• Litigation alerts

• EPO designated states

• PAIR abandoned applications

• Additional terminal disclaimers

• Non-patent literature doubled to 10 Million documents

• Merger and acquisition data was updated for more than 100,000 public, private and subsidiary companies worldwide

• All visualizations have been updated to include drill down capabilities and to be mobile-friendly

And Innography’s most ambitious project to date, PatentIQ™ is a new capability for the creation of dynamic IP dashboards that allows you to share with stakeholders inside and outside your organization.

Summer 2014

The features included in this release apply to both Advanced Analysis and Innography Explorer. The main features of the release include:

• A redesigned Alerting system now supports Search Alerts, Document Alerts, and Company Alerts

• Higher export limits—up to 60,000 documents along with more exportable fields

• Background processing for large exports

• Simplified sharing, particularly with users that do not have an user license

• Improved Family Reduction preferences, including selecting representative family member, and setting default preference to collapse family members

• Text Cluster now has a user preference setting to include Claims; your chosen setting will also apply to PatentScape™ and Playbooks that use Text Cluster

• An all-new User Guide is available for download

Spring 2014

This represents the largest single release in Innography's history to date. New features include:

• Company Comparison—compare portfolios along multiple dimensions

• PatentScape™— landscaping technologies of interest

• CustomStrength™— allows users to build their own sorting algorithms to assess patent strength

• DocShare — area for including internal data as part of patent analysis

• Non-patent Literature — over 4 million documents included at no charge

• Redesigned Home Page and Tabs

• Improved Citation Analysis

• More full text coverage

• Enhanced Security Protocols with TLS 1.1 and 1.2, perfect forward secrecy, server order preference, and a new predefined security policy





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