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IntelliPatent is a SaaS application designed to monitor and search patent information, and it can be used to watch technological developments of competitors, potential partners, and technologies of interest for large, middle and small enterprises. The system uses patent data from Espacenet, and family and legal information are accessed through the Inpadoc database.[1]

The IntelliPatent system is produced by the company IntelliSemantic, which was founded in 2005. The company provides a portfolio of semantic search and classification engines for different markets and contexts. IntelliSemantic also works on custom projects on semantics and search engines, including semantic categorization of patents.

A new application, more focused on the analysis of large patent-sets with semantic technologies, called MyIntelliPatent 1.0, was released in January 2012.[2]

IntelliPatent: Product Overview

IntelliPatent aims to enable an effective use of patent information in Research & Development and Strategic Marketing activities. IntelliPatent is a competitive intelligence application with alert and search capabilities;[3] it is designed to be very effective, though having a short learning curve.

You can perform a search in fields like Author, Applicant, IPC, etc., obtaining a result table that provides an overview of most significant patent related data (e.g., the patent family size). By suitably clicking on the results table you can further obtain local summary data (e.g., the list of applicants for all patents found), access more detailed information, and save documents and results for further reuse.

The Alert function allows you to set search parameters and alert timing according to your interest. At this point, you will be regularly informed by e-mail of patents relating to your interest.

Finally, IntelliPatent also provides some statistics about patents (e.g. patents by year for a list of companies) that you can save in Excel.

IntelliPatent accesses the EPO Database using the new version of its OPS interface. IntelliPatent is accessible as a SaaS application via browser, so no installation is required. The last version 4.5 is improved in speed and efficiency because of its renewed architecture. Other improvements are in statistics functions and in extension of exported file formats.[4]

MyIntelliPatent: Product Overview

The IntelliSemantic website describes MyIntelliPatent as "a Patent Analysis solution provided as a Software as a Service (SasS), using the IntelliSematic technology for document categorization and tagging."[5] The system can suggest tag extracted by the patent set and also apply user-defined tags to the patents, provide similar patents and analysis functions by powerful patent-grouping features. MyIntelliPatent can contain a collection of patent documents defined by the user, and also the "knowledge database" (dictionaries and categories) is also user-defined. On the IntelliSemantic website is available a presentation about MyIntelliPatent supported use cases; moreover, this application can be extended with custom features on request. In August 23, 2012 the news of a major release (1.2.8) was announced.

Features of MyintelliPatent version 1.2.9 include:[5]

  • The "Collect" page, to collect a set of patents (e.g. by a list of companies, by a list of domains) according to customer defined tags and categories.
  • The "Collect Similar" page, to collect a set of patents similar to a patent provided by the user.
  • The "Tag" page, to suggest specific tags and categories for different domains, such as substances, devices, and processes. These results will be reused by the system after the user validation.
  • The "Search" page, to search and analyze a patent set, including:
    • The visualization of the distribution of patent documents between the different metadata (e.g, the distribution of publication years), or user defined tags in different clusters.
    • The progressive selection and deselection of documents according a combination of values of metadata and tags (e.g. select patents belonging to a specific IPC class and a particular applicant).
  • The "Analyze" page, to identify similar patents and refine the patent analysis. The user can also add/edit comments, and rate the patent.
  • The "Manage collections" page, to manage (e.g delete a selection of) the collected sessions.
  • The "Image" page, to view, navigate and download the original patent document.


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