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Welcome to the November 2011 edition of the Intellogist® Scoop, brought to you by our provider, Landon IP. Landon IP provides professional support services throughout the intellectual property lifecycle, including patent and trademark searching; patent analytics; patent, legal, and technical translations; and global information retrieval. The Intellogist community is continuing to grow, and our collection of community reports and system report updates is expanding too! Read on to learn about updates at the Intellogist wiki and blog, and we'll also share some turkey carving patents to be thankful for!


Exciting Business Developments

We’d like to extend a big thanks to our current sponsors: Patent Workbench™ and LexisNexis. Please help these vendors support Intellogist by responding to their ads, which will appear on our main page and throughout the site. It's through these sponsorships that Intellogist can continue bringing you great resources such as Intellogist and The Intellogist Blog. Patent Workbench™ is a revolutionary new productivity tool from Landon IP that is changing the way that attorneys work with patent file histories. You can learn more about Patent Workbench™ by reading the Intellogist blog posts "Cutting-Edge Efficiency with Patent Workbench™: An Interview with Product Manager George Shreck" and "Patent Workbench™: A New File History Tool". You can also learn more about TotalPatent by LexisNexis through the Intellogist Report on the system.
If you are interested in contacting us about sponsorship and advertising opportunities, go to the "Provide Feedback" section on the Intellogist site and select the subject "Advertise on our Site" on the contact form. We'll quickly get back to you with more information!

Intellogist Blog

This summer and fall, the Intellogist Blog has posted a variety of informational, humorous, and relevant articles and interviews. We were able to conduct an insightful interview with Marla Grossman, Executive Director of the Coalition for Patent and Trademark Information Dissemination, on "The Future of Patent Information." Subscribing to the Intellogist Blog is a great way to get your regular dose of patent search news, tips and tricks. You can add the blog to your RSS feed reader, or subscribe via e-mail (this option is available on the blog homepage). Or if you prefer, you can also follow us on our Intellogist Twitter account.
We’ve also gotten a big response to a few other Blog articles during the summer and fall:

Patent Resources Group Patent Bar Review

If you are studying for the Patent Bar Exam, check out PRG's Patent Bar Review Course, available either as an online video course or live at the following locations:
  • December 5-9, 2011 at Doubletree Hotel in Dallas Near the Galleria in Dallas, TX
  • January 23-27, 2012 at the Radisson Hotel Newport Beach in Newport Beach, CA
  • March 12-16, 2012 at the PRG Training Center in Alexandria, VA
  • June 18-22, 2012 at the Radisson Hotel Boston in Boston, MA

You can now get updates on PRG courses and patent law news by following PRG at PRG Newsroom, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn! Also check out the new Tumblr blog, "Passing the Patent Bar with PRG," and follow patent analyst Chris Casson as he studies for the Patent Bar Exam with the PRG Patent Bar Review course!
Dates and locations for more 2012 PRG courses will be announced soon, so keep your eye on the PRG website!

Intellogist Highlights

Featured User Contributions

One major focus of Intellogist is staying up to date with the latest patent search tools. Our collection of Community Reports that describe new search systems has grown during the summer and fall, and here are just a few examples of Community Reports that Intellogist users can expand upon:
The community reports also are now categorized! Users can visit the original Community Reports homepage, and new subcategories are now listed above the alphabetical list of Community Reports. Read this post on the Intellogist Blog for more information.
Since our last Scoop, several users have made valuable contributions to our existing Community Reports. We'd like to highlight two of these contributions: user Strategist made contributions to the Boliven page and user Tmach made contributions to the CAplus page.

Did you know that in addition to editing the existing Best Practices, Community Reports and Glossary articles on Intellogist, you can create your own pages on topics you're interested in? Here’s how!

Featured User Profiles

Intellogist continues to see an influx of expertise from patent searchers from around the globe. Check out these interesting profiles of some of our newly registered members:

Have you filled out your Intellogist user profile and added your avatar yet? You can do so by logging into Intellogist, clicking on your user name in the upper right hand corner of the page, and selecting "Edit Profile" to fill in your information. We hope you'll join our global patent searching community by filling out your profile and letting the community know a little bit more about yourself.

Featured Discussion Topics

The discussion forum is a place for Intellogist users to benefit from the collective knowledge of our community. Recently, users have been discussing such varied topics as access to foreign file histories and visual guides for finding prior art online.

Search System Updates

Many system reports have seen updates to their Major Recent Updates page, the place to go to get the very latest info:
Surf-IP was also recently shut down in September 2011. Read more information at its Major Recent Updates page.

Turkey Patents

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we need some patents for carving the turkey! Let's take a look at some issued US patents found on Google Patents that will help you create the perfect Thanksgiving meal:
Enjoy your turkey, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanks for being a part of the Intellogist community!

The Intellogist Team
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