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The Invention Navigation is patent search software created by the German company Software for Intellectual Property (SIP). The Invention Navigator searches the SIP patent database and displays one patent document per patent family.[1] Through Invention Navigator, patent data is downloaded directly from the SIP server to a local database or company network and is displayed in an Excel interface.[1] Patent data that can be added to the local database and organized through Invention Navigator includes:[1]

  • Bibliographic data (such as title, applicant, inventor, filing date, etc)
  • Legal status codes
  • Full text of the patent documents
  • Original documents or data from the user


The SIP website describes the various functions of the Invention Navigator software:[2]

  • Search of the SIP patent database, including relevance ranking, full text searching, keyword-in-context excerpts, display results lists of up to 300,000 patents, display of the IPC hierarchy in tree format, option to display only one document per patent family, and finding related patents through patent references.
  • Download of SIP database results into a local database, grouped by patent family.
  • Ability to add comments to patent documents in the local database.
  • Graphic visualizations of the patent data, exportable to Excel.
  • Export data in Word, Excel, Tiff, or PDF formats.
  • Automatic update of the local database through connection to the SIP patent database.
  • Automatic check of patent legal status.


Available editions of the Invention Navigator include Free, Standard, and Professional. The Free edition can be downloaded at no charge and allows for search in local databases and the printing and exporting of patents.[3] The Standard and Professional editions must be purchased from the SIP website. The Standard edition includes:[3]

  • Search in local databases
  • Printing and export of patents
  • Download and structured saving of patents
  • Evaluation of patents
  • Free download of original documents from free servers
  • Export of original documents to multi-page PDF/Tiff, MS Word
  • Assigning patents to freely editable heading
  • Patent-Download module (bibliographical data)

The Professional edition includes all Standard edition functions, plus import of personal documents and non-patent information to the local database, creation of patent family charts, and graphic evaluations of patent data.[3]


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