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Korea Patent Abstracts is a data product produced by KIPRIS, the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service. This page contains current coverage information for the file itself.

According to KIPRIS, the records contain "an English abstract, summarized by experts in their respective technological fields, containing the essential points of the invention described in Korean patent documents."[1]

Data Coverage

The KPA database includes:[2]

  • Examined Korean patents from 1979, English abstracts
  • Unexamined Korean patent applications from February 1999, English abstracts
  • Unexamined foreign PCT applications from October 2000

It also includes:[2]

  • Representative drawings
  • Basic legal status information (discussed further in the next section)
  • Direct links to the full text of the documents (available from April 2004)
  • Link to K2E-PAT machine translation service (fee-based)

The time lag of the English abstracts in the database is usually 3 months from publication, and the database is updated daily. [2]

Legal Status Information

The KPA file contains some truncated legal status information for the records in the file, and no information on the payments of renewal fees is included. Much more detailed information can be obtained from the "Patent Search" database on KIPRIS.[3]

An English-language search manual for the KPA file produced by the Korea Institute for Patent Information (KIPI) is available on the EPO website here.


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