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MetaPress is a web-based search and content management system that hosts a variety of scholarly material, including publications, journals, book series, books, and reference works.[1] The parent company of MetaPress is EBSCO Industries.[2] Individual users can register and create free accounts on MetaPress to mark or save items, view order history, and create alerts. Institutional log-ins are also available.


After creating a free account and logging in, users have full access to the search and content management functions on MetaPress, although full PDF/HTML versions of documents must be purchased. Users can change the language of the search interface to English, German, or Chinese by selecting a language from the drop down menu in the upper right corner of the site.

Users can search the contents of MetaPress in three ways:

  • The basic keyword search form is available through the homepage and in the upper right corner of each page on MetaPress.
  • Below the basic search form is the option to "Browse Content." Selecting this option will take the user to a results page with all available publications listed alphabetically. On the right side of the hit list, users can limit the results through a keyword search, by browsing through titles alphabetically, by online date, content type, language, copyright date, author, or by editor. The limiters are available for every search result list, although not all result lists have the same limiting criteria options.
  • Above the limiters of the search result list, users can select "More Options." This will take the user to an advanced search form, where they can search within various fields (all text, title, summary, author, editor, ISSN, etc) and date ranges.

After conducting a search in the basic or advanced search forms or selecting the "Browse Content" option, users can view their search result list in either "Condensed View" or "Expanded View." Both views include bibliographic information and highlighted keywords. The search results also display in what formats the full-text document can be viewed (PDF and/or HTML).

Within the hit list, users can select results from the list and add items to the "Marked Items" list. Users can create an RSS feed for the search results, email the result list, or save the result list.

The full document view includes bibliographic information, abstract, and a full-text preview (first page). From the full record, users can add the document to Marked Items, shopping cart, Saved items, recommend the document, and (if available) view the document record on a third party website.


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