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MindManager is information mapping software created by Mindjet (and also available through Australian partner Mindsystems). MindManager, currently on Version 9, can be purchased for Windows or Mac through the Mindjet website. Users can also download MindManager (Versions 6-9) at the Mindsystems website (if they have already purchased a license for the product). MindManager is related to the discontinued ThemeReader software, which is described as an "advanced version of the original Export To MindManager."[1]

According to the Mindjet website, features of MindManager for Windows include:[2]

  • Information visualizations: interactive visual formats including information maps, outlines, Gantt charts, organization charts, tree diagrams and a special brainstorming mode.
  • Add content, structure, and context: Easily add hyperlinks, attachments, notes, images, and spreadsheets to provide additional levels of details. Quickly drag and drop content to reorganize it and provide structure. Use icons, tags, topic shapes, callouts, boundaries, colors, topic sorting and numbering to provide additional context.
  • Project and task management: View MindManager, Outlook and SharePoint tasks in the new synchronized Gantt view or export tasks to Microsoft Project. Stay on top of deadlines and tasks with synchronized topic alerts.
  • Information map presentations: MindManager's automated presentation view or customizable slide shows.
  • Integration and sharing: Access and update Microsoft Office files within MindManager's integrated browser. Import from Microsoft Word and Project. Export to Word, Project or PowerPoint. Display dynamic Outlook or Excel content. Export web pages, images, PDF files and more. Or, share hosted interactive map files with anyone on the web even if they do not have MindManager.
  • Navigation and viewing controls: Features like topic focus, show or hide branch, collapse map, quick filters and advanced power filters. Automatically fit or balance your map within the screen or use the mini-map view to navigate large maps.
  • Interactive Dashboards: Create powerful dynamic Microsoft Outlook dashboards to automatically display (and update) contextually relevant emails, tasks, contacts, notes and appointments. Populate branches with desktop or network folders & files for easy access. Or, perform web searches like Google or Bing with results appearing directly in your map.

The Mindjet website also describes the following MindManager features for the Mac version:[3]

  • Integration and sharing on Mac: Import from Microsoft® Word®, iWork® Pages, and Freemind. Export to Word, Pages, Keynote®, or Powerpoint® for your final output. Integrate with iChat® to send and receive maps during a chat session. Share your maps via email, as web pages, images, or dynamic PDF files.
  • Calender and Contacts Synchronization: Synchronize your relevant calendar items and contacts with MindManager with dynamic Microsoft® Entourage and Apple iCal® and Address Book dashboards.

A complete comparison of the versions of MindManager on Windows and Mac can be found here (PDF).


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