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NCBI Entrez is a cross-database search portal which can access multiple NCBI life sciences collections, including:[1]

  • PubMed: biomedical literature citations and abstracts
  • PubMed Central: free, full text journal articles
  • Site Search: NCBI web and FTP sites
  • Books: online books
  • OMIM ® - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
  • Nucleotide: Core subset of nucleotide sequence records
  • EST: Expressed Sequence Tag records
  • GSS: Genome Survey Sequence records
  • Protein: sequence database
  • Genome: whole genome sequences
  • Structure: three-dimensional macromolecular structures
  • Taxonomy: organisms in GenBank
  • SNP: single nucleotide polymorphism
  • dbVar: Genomic structural variation
  • Gene: gene-centered information
  • SRA: Sequence Read Archive
  • BioSystems: Pathways and systems of interacting molecules
  • HomoloGene: eukaryotic homology groups
  • GENSAT: gene expression atlas of mouse central nervous system
  • Probe: sequence-specific reagents
  • BioProject: aggregated biological research project data
  • dbGaP: genotype and phenotype
  • UniGene: gene-oriented clusters of transcript sequences
  • CDD: conserved protein domain database
  • UniSTS: markers and mapping data
  • PopSet: population study data sets
  • GEO Profiles: expression and molecular abundance profiles
  • GEO DataSets: experimental sets of GEO data
  • Epigenomics: Epigenetic maps and data sets
  • Cancer Chromosomes: cytogenetic databases
  • PubChem BioAssay: bioactivity screens of chemical substances
  • PubChem Compound: unique small molecule chemical structures
  • PubChem Substance: deposited chemical substance records
  • Protein Clusters: a collection of related protein sequences
  • OMIA: online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals
  • BioSample: biological material descriptions
  • NLM Catalog: catalog of books, journals, and audiovisuals in the NLM collections
  • MeSH: detailed information about NLM's controlled vocabulary


All available databases are listed below the search form on the cross-database search page for NCBI. Only a simple search form is available in this portal, but the help section for searching in Entrez indicates that boolean operators and fielded searching are supported in the form.[2] After entering the query in the search form and selecting "Go," the number of results within each database will appear beside the database icons beneath the search form. If no search results are available in a database, then "None" will appear beside the icon. Select the database title or number of results to view the result list.


See PubMed NCBI for additional related information.


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