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PatSnap is a patent search and analytics platform that is available on a subscription basis. PatSnap covers over 110 jurisdictions worldwide and hosts market-leading coverage from the Asia-Pac region. PatSnap’s award-winning 3D Landscaping tool provides next-level analytics of the IP sector, breaking down barriers and providing insight into market trends, competitor and collaborator benchmarking and highlights areas for potential commercialisation.


Data Coverage

The PatSnap database provides worldwide coverage, and full text collections currently include:[1]

  • European Patent Office - Issued & Applications (1978 – ongoing)
  • United States Patent - Issued & Applications (1790 - ongoing)
  • China Patent - Issued & Applications (1985 - ongoing)
  • Taiwan Patent - Issued & Applications (1950 – ongoing)
  • German Patent - Issued & Applications(1852 - ongoing)
  • PCT/WIPO - (1978 – ongoing)
  • Japan Patent - (1913 – ongoing)

These collections also include US, Chinese and Taiwanese Design Patents and Chinese, Taiwanese and German Utility Models. It is notable that the US full text collection predates USPTO coverage due to PatSnap Optical Character Recognition (OCR) efforts.

Abstract data is available from a further 94 regions through the DOCDB database and also offers direct coverage of GB, France, Switzerland, Russia, Italy and Australia. During the next quarter, full text Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian coverage will be added, with plans for full Korean and Canadian in Q3.

Patent Searching

Search Forms

PatSnap users can choose from a variety of searching options. English, Chinese, French and German language searching is fully supported in the bar at the top of the interface, as well as in the Field, Command, Bulk and Classification search tools. Field and Command Search allows users to search within the following fields:

Title International Classification Assignee Address
Abstract Locarno Classification Primary Examiner
Claims Inventor Name Assistant Examiner
Description Assignee Name Attorney Name
Publication Number Standardized Inventor Application Date
Application Number Standardized Assignee Publication Date
US Classification Inventor Address Priority Date

Search Operators

Boolean operators are available in PatSnap, along with proximity, truncation and wildcard operators. AND, OR, NOT, ~, ^, ? and * are currently the supported terms [2]

Viewing Results

The Hit List

There are 5 results viewing modes in PatSnap, which provides a hitlist of relevant patents. The table and standard views provide excerpts of the document alongside the first image or a representative. Thumbnail view displays the first image of each patent, and mousing over each image will exhibit the patent number, title, assignee, inventor, class, filing date, and issue date as well as a link to download a PDF of the patent. The "Flip-it" view is a viewing method that allows users to page through results with keyboard shortcuts in a linear-reference view fashion.

A search filter is available which highlights the key assignees and inventors with the most activity relating to your search query within their portfolios. Results can be manipulated to narrow hits by assignee or inventor, as well as date, legal status and classification.

The analysis view mode presents some of the key trends in one click, without having to manually input or select values for comparison. This presents Application and Publication Date trends, key Assignees and Inventors, proportionate Authority filing graph and the distribution if the classification codes assigned to your collection of patents.

Individual Record View

Several views are available including Overview, Dual View (which displays the PDF of the patent document next to the full text), Citation Analysis, Patent Family and Legal Status. Keyword highlighting is also available. Hyperlinks are present for assignees, inventors, examiners, attorneys, citations, family members and classification codes (which launches a new search instead of linking to the definition). Users can also create work lists, download the full PDF or email that document from within any patent.

Importing, Exporting, and Downloading Patent Data


Patent publication numbers can be imported into the platform via the Bulk Search. This allows you to add in up to 500 patents in one go.



Subscribers have the option to export patent bibliographic data into XLS, CSV, RTF, or XML format. Users can select what fields are exported and change the order in which the exported data fields will appear.

The exporting service contains five options: default, basic, custom, forward citation, backward citation and all fields export. The custom export allows users to choose any field from the following:

and advanced bibliographic exporting. The basic page is where most of the bibliographic data fields can be chosen for export. The advanced page allows users to choose one additional "advanced" field for data export, from the following list of options:

Publication Number All IPC Family Members Cited By Count Assignee(s) Agent/Attorney
Application Number IPC Primary INPADOC Family Members Standardized Assignee Primary Examiner
Kind Code IPC Section INPADOC Family Member Count 1st Assignee Assistant Examiner
Title IPC Class INPADOC Family Members Cited By Count Number of Assignees Cited By Within 3 Years
Abstract IPC Subclass Other References 1st Assignee Address Cited By Within 5 Years
First Claim IPC Group Other References Count Assignee(s) Address
Document Type All UPC Cited By Inventor(s)
Application Date UPC Primary Cited By Count Standardized Inventor
Application Year UPC Class Cites 1st Inventor
Application(Year/Month) FI Cites Count Number of Inventors
Publication Date F-TERM Priority Country 1st Inventor Address
Publication Year Family Members Priority Number Inventor(s) Address
Publication (Year/Month) Family Member Count Priority Date Agency/Law Firm

Export function supports up to 10,000 documents per export.


You can download 500 full PDFs at one time. You can choose to download the entire patent document or just the first pages.

Custom Functions


Alerts are available via RSS feed or e-mail. Email alerts notify users when any recently updated patents have been added that match their specified criteria.

Saved Search

Users have the ability to set up saved searches, which they can go back to at any time and re-run or analyse straight away.


Patents can be added to custom folders, from within an individual patent, from the Bulk Search, or from the results view. These act as worklists where you can add comments, custom fields in text, date or drop-down menu format and can be shared with anyone who has a PatSnap account worldwide. Comments or fields added by any user of that list can be exported. It is also possible to create Matrix Analyses from here, using the drop down lists as the basis of the axes.


PatSnap records all user actions and logs them in a timestamped list. The hyperlinks do not expire so can be revisited at any time.


PatSnap offers patent analytics in a number of different ways, including:

  • Statistical analysis on a multitude of fields such as inventor, assignee, classification, date, database collection and patent distribution. All analyses can be exported as a .CSV or .JPG file, the first of which is compatible with Microsoft Excel.


  • Family members heat map
  • Citation analysis map

File:big citation.png

  • Matrix analysis such as heat maps and bubble graphs, with human-input x and/or y axes options available.
  • 3D Landscape

File:landscaping hill.png File:landscaping cluster.png



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