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Patent Reader was a patent search and retrieval site created by Semantic Dream, Inc, but the site became unavailable in 2007.[1] From screenshots by the Internet Archive Wayback machine, the site seemed to be fully functional on April 27, 2006.[2] A screenshot from September 5, 2007 displays the following message: "Sorry, Patent Reader is closed for at least the next few months."[3] All screenshots for the site after 2007 also display this message, and the domain seems to be for sale in 2011.

The functioning version of the site displayed a search platform for US patent documents with two search options:[2]

  • Full Text Search: Search within All Fields, Inventor, Assignee, or US Classification for keywords, and keywords are automatically combined through Boolean operator AND. Choose to search Applications or Grants.
  • Patent Number Search: Enter one or more patent numbers in the search form, divided by semicolons.

All results were returned in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.[1]


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