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Patent Value Predictor is a patent valuation service created by, LLC, which charges a per document/portfolio fee for each patent document or patent portfolio evaluation.[1] The FAQ section of the site describes how the patent valuations are based on:[2]

  • [Their] model's prediction of: the strength and breadth of the protection provided by the patent.
  • The Gross Domestic Product.
  • The remaining enforceable term of the patent.
  • An average corporate profit margin and an Internal Rate of Return.

The services available from this site include:

  • Automated Patent Valuations - Users enter the patent number for the document they wish to evaluate into a search form, select the option "Place in basket" for the chosen document, and buy the patent valuation reports for the selected documents. Users must be registered to access this service, and users will receive a report on the patent or application value via email. The report will include "Estimated Size of Patent Protected Market" (dollar figure) and "Predicated Patent/Patent Application Value."
  • Automated Patent Portfolio Valuations - Users enter an assignee name (several names can be entered and separated by semicolons), or users can manually enter a list of patent numbers. If users choose to conduct an assignee search, they will be taken to a list of available assignees and the number of patents each assignee posesses. Users select the assignees from the list that they want to evaluate, and they then can enter numbers of patents they want to add or exclude from the valuation. Finally, users confirm their valuation purchase and proceed to checkout. Users must be registered to access this service, and users will receive an Excel spreadsheet listing information like the "Relative Patent Number" and "Individual Patent Value."
  • Other Patent Valuations (Foreign Patents, Published and Unpublished Patent Applications) - Users can email the service directly to request valuation of foreign patents, foreign published patent application, or an unpublished application.[1]
  • PatentWatcher Software - Users can download this software to create alerts for specific searches in the USPTO databases, and users will be alerted if new patent documents are published that meet the search criteria.[1]
  • File Histories - Users can request PDF versions of US file histories and foreign file histories. The PDF files can be Optically Character Recognized (OCR) for an additional fee.

A complete list of prices for services provided by the site can be found here.


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