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Patent iNSIGHT Pro is a patent research and analysis software developed by Gridlogics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


System Data

System Name: Patent iNSIGHT Pro

Company Name: Gridlogics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Company History: Founded in 2004, Gridlogics is a pioneering end-to-end intellectual property solutions provider whose solutions use proprietary and cutting edge text mining and visualization capabilities to aid IP research and analysis.

Length of Service: Patent iNSIGHT Pro was launched in January 2006

Target User: Patent Analysts, IP Managers, Product Managers

Subscription type: Yearly subscriptions

Similar Systems: Aureka, Innography, VantagePoint, Thomson Data Analyzer, BizInt Smart Charts, Endnote, ResearchSoft, Spotfire

Support for Analyzing Patent Databases From: PatSeer, Thomson Innovation, PatBase, MicroPat, Delphion, TotalPatent, STN, Scifinder, QPat.

Live Help: Telephonic/E-mail/Web Sessions

Online Help Guide: Detailed

Web-Based or Desktop Interface: Desktop (Web Access possible using Terminal Services over Https)

Pricing: Subscription/ Flat fee


Patent iNSIGHT Pro is a comprehensive patent research and analysis platform that accelerates your time-to-insights from patent and scientific literature. It allows you to quickly gather R&D Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Licensing Research, and support M&A or Technology / Product partnerships. Patent iNSIGHT Pro includes advanced text mining algorithms to bring out those insights in minutes which would erstwhile take days for a researcher. Designed from inputs by experienced patent researchers, Patent iNSIGHT Pro easily blends into your existing Research workflow. Senior R&D members, IP professionals, information scientists, Strategy & Business Development, and Licensing professionals, all have found Patent iNSIGHT Pro easy to use and quick in generating meaningful analysis for their needs.

Major Recent Updates

November 2014

New Features

  • Upgrade to latest Microsoft .NET Framework: The new version has been rebuilt on the latest Microsoft framework that brings with it many performance and improved UI capabilities.
  • Full Text data downloads supports 15 countries: Patent iNSIGHT Pro now includes inbuilt capability to download clean XML data via API from PatSeer and any Patent iNSIGHT Pro user can use this enhanced download service even if they don’t have a PatSeer account.
  • PatSeer Search and Project downloads: PatSeer subscribers can search PatSeer directly from the software and also download records directly by querying online projects in PatSeer. SO if you have created a set of patents within a Project in PatSeer you can view and download it with ease in Patent iNSIGHT Pro.
  • User Defined Categories: Importing categories from Excel files as been made easier and Parent-Child relationships (e.g. Method | Drying) can also be directly imported from Excel files from the Create UDC from Excel option.
  • New Journal Formats Added: Support for exports from Web of Science Database has been added to the Journal import capability.
  • Reports Dashboard: Assignee and Inventor Country analysis and related charts added to the dashboard.
  • VizMAP Improvements:
    a. UDC selection option: You restrict you analysis to a particular UDC set when using the Top UDC option within Key Stats
    b. Contour Maps: Support for generating contextual contour maps over Derwent Title/Abstracts data has been added
    c. Contour support in Sharable Maps: Contour Maps can also be shared with any colleague using the Sharable Map option
  • Citation Tree: PatSeer subscribers can generate live citation maps with real-time data coming from PatSeer. You can thereby generate forward/backward citation maps for a single/group of records in seconds without having to go through the set creation process.
  • Tabular Word Export: This Word export format has been enhanced with better layout and more flexibility and field options. You can now include Scores, comments in the exported file too.
  • US front page Image downloads: Support added to download the image in the front page instead for the first drawing.

July 2014

New Features

  • Assignee / Inventor Country Support: Import and Analysis added across all charts and matrices
  • New Database support - Added support for Orbit patent database CSV export
  • More Searchable fields - Many more searchable fields added, viz. Priority Country, Attorney, Family Members, Backward Citation, Forward Citation, Number of Backward Citation, Number of Forward Citation, Number of Family members, Legal status and Family ID
  • VizMAP Enhancements - Map images exported from VizMAP now in high resolution to enable printing on large formats. Bubble size control options added
  • Search across all reports now 10x faster: You can now search across all your reports and catalogues in seconds as the underlying module has been fully upgraded

Apr 2014

Key Improvements

  • Custom Field Analysis: Slice-dice all custom Fields like any other field ! Full support of all analytical Custom Fields has been added to the cooccurence matrix analyzer and you can use them to generate any X vs Y matrix or chart just like other fields
  • Enhanced Family Member Country Analysis: Analyse your categories, IPC or any patent fields across all the family members of a record for better coverage insights
  • Import Enhancements: Support for CSV export files from TotalPatents database added. More fields now importable from PatSeer including front-page images. Misc. Improvements made to imports from Scifider and Innovation
  • VizMAP Enhancements: Context mode Contour Maps can now be generated on any custom categorization hierarchy level
  • Filtering Similarity Search Results: In Similarity Search you can remove Forward Citations of selected patent from the search results list
  • Limit Filling Trend graphs in 360° Reports: In 360° report, you can limit filling trend graph by selecting a year range you want to display. This option is available for all the 360° report options
  • Open PDF in Acrobat Reader: In Patent Viewer under PDF tab, new button is provided to display PDF in Acrobat reader. The button will be enabled only if PDF document is available on your machine else it will be disabled. If Acrobat Reader is not installed on your machine, it will prompt a message
  • Performance improvements: Miscellaneous usability and performance improvements have been done across many features

Oct 2013

Key Improvements

  • New Algo for Multi-Assignee Cleanup - New smarter algorithm to segregate Assignee names from Inventors
  • Support for Dual charting engine: Based on User Feedback, we have reintroduced the old charting engine in Co-occurrence analyzer
  • Support for CPC Fields in export formats from most commercial databases. Support for updated Scifinder RTF format
  • VizMAP Improvements- Full CPC slice-dice support added to VizMAP

May 2013

New Capabilities

  • Support for CPC: Co-operative Patent Classification (CPC) is been newly added in different search, import formats, download, filters, exports and charts and analysis tools
  • Network Mode Contouring in VizMAP: Contour Map generation in all network Mode maps of VizMAP
  • Improved Text Clustering Engine: Speed and cluster quality improvements to our inbuilt patent clustering engine
  • Download Enhancements: Support for download of CH, AT, CA and ES full text
  • Direct Import from PatSeer Exports

Business Benefits

  • Gain intelligence about a product or an industry and align your research accordingly
  • Identify most active competitors and understand their strategies
  • Identify key inventors within a particular organization or technology space
  • Identify potential partners for in-house IP
  • Identify new licensing, research and growth opportunities
  • Strengthen your patent portfolio by filling up unidentified gaps
  • Keep a close watch on the industry trend and make reliable predictions

Patent iNSIGHT Pro allows you to manage and organize patents, applications and scientific literature on one single platform in form of Catalogues, Reports.

System Features

Patent iNSIGHT Pro provides following features



VizMAP is unique from existing solutions in that it combines patent network analysis with semantic (contextual) spatial-mapping thereby allowing users to not just view clusters and their contents but analyze key relationships in their context. Interactive maps generated in VizMAP can be shared with non-users too.

VizMAP can help you

  • Conduct in-depth competitor analysis
  • Predict trends & refine your R&D strategy
  • Locate areas of risk & opportunity within your technology
  • Gather intelligence required for your M&A activities

Three different modes of analysis - Network Mode, Context Mode and Co-Citation Mode help you visually analyze patent relationships, patent text and patent citations respectively.

VizMAP - Key Visualization Features

VizMAP allows you to visually explore key semantic clusters represented in a two-dimensional landscape built with many powerful but intuitive capabilities such as:

  • Generate Contour maps for technology landscaping.
  • Using simple mouse operations you can dissect each cluster not just by contextual relationships but also by companies, inventors, classification codes and others
  • You can define your own custom clusters and categories and investigate relationships from there
  • Temporal analysis capabilities are built-in and you can time-slice the visualization to reflect a particular period
  • Important clusters and properties are designated by the size of the halo behind it
  • Higher referenced patents can be highlighted within any visualization by a single click
  • Unique “Map-view” operation allows you to take a 30000 ft view and then zoom into smaller clusters around the bigger ones
  • You can conduct Advanced Boolean searches and highlight results on the visualization
  • Unique mouse-over operations allow you to quickly determine direct relationships between each property
  • VizMAP Viewer - Using the VizMAP viewer you can practically share a map that you prepare with anyone.The recipient views exactly the same map with full interactivity such as mouse-over details, zoom, search and highlight allowing him or her to understand, interpret and derive much more from the map.

VizMAP assists in various analysis activities such as:

  1. IP Infringement Analysis
  2. Competitor Trend Analysis
  3. Assignee Activity Analysis
  4. In-licensing Research
  5. Out-licensing research beyond citations

Patent iNSIGHT Pro Patent Analysis Workflow

A) Raw Patent Data - Patent Set Creation

  • Integrate patent data from online databases- search & download patents & applications simultaneously from USPTO & ESPACE
  • Search ‘orange book database’ and add information directly within the software.
  • Supply the patent/ application numbers from an Excel and download them within the report
  • Import data from commercial databases such as PatSeer, PatBase, Thomson Innovation, Delphion, TotalPatent
  • Modify/ add information to existing patent data
  • Moving patents from one report or catalogue to another
  • View and download references/ citations to the patents already within your portfolio
  • Support for file type of various journals like PUBMED / INSPEC / SCOPUS / SCIENCEDIRECT/ Scifinder
  • Generic Import Engine for Excel files

B) Standardize patent set, grouping & filtering

  • Specialized tools for Assignee/ Inventor Information Cleanup
  • Fuzzy Matching and Regular Expression based cleanup
  • Thesaurus creation and Management
  • Manual Patent Scoring and Ranking

C) Data mapping and analysis

Generate multiple analysis dimensions from text portions

  1. Inbuilt portfolio clustering to dynamically cluster patents around intelligent categories User defined clusters to create & manage categories bucketize patents by products/ market/ technology etc. as per ones requirements.
  2. Flexibility in local text searching and allowing categorizing patents by undertaking complex Boolean Searches

Analysis of patent portfolio

Answer questions like who are the key players in a technology? what is the filing/ publication trend and so on…

Report Dashboard gives an overview of the entire patent portfolio, gives instant insights of technology area. Filters the set of patents as per different bibliographic fields and generates key statistics for assignee, inventor, technologies in form of charts, graphs, etc.

Patent Mapping

  1. Co-occurrence analyser Multi-dimensional matrix that makes it easy to quickly generate and also analyze any patent bibliographic or text based properties with respect to another. Custom 2D, 3D and 4D charts and graphs can be generated for the matrix.
  2. Tabular and tree based Citation Analysis
  3. Advanced visualization of semantic exploration of data
    1. VizMAP: VizMAP is a visualization module that is available as an optional add-on to Patent iNSIGHT Pro for users who seek advanced visualizations above charts and graphs for semantic exploration within large sets of patent data.
    2. Contour Map: Here, records are placed based on their contextual similarity shared with neighbouring records. Closer the clusters, more is the relevance or correlation between them. Closely related topics collate to form larger land masses having individual peaks based on those topics that have maximum records. Labels for topics that are shared across various peaks appear between them.
    3. Correlation Map: Non patent nodes are connected based on common patents shared between the nodes. Thicker & darker line connecting two nodes have a higher degree of common patents

Customized Report Generation

360° Reports

Ready to print, share or present assignee, inventor, technology or research viewpoints facilitating decision making

Export Patents

  • Generated independent claims comparison excel reports
  • Create standard Excel or Word reports automatically

Other Features

Co-operative Patent Classification (CPC) is been newly added in different search, download, analytics features.

Sales Contact Information

North America

Toll Free: +1-866-716-1507

Tel: +1-408-689-2603, +1-408-786-5524, +1-607-372-9952



Tel: +44-20-32862300


Asia Pacific

Tel: +91.22.32208312, +91.20.64107760, +91.20.66202640 / 41

Fax: +91.20.66202641 (Ext – 313)

Chile, Argentina and Peru


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