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PharmaLive is a pharmaceutical information website with some subscription content produced by UBM Canon.[1] UBM Canon editors and staff reporters write all information provided in their print and web products, and they aim to provide "broad coverage of pharmaceutical business, product marketing, and clinical research."[1] The products of UBM Canon, all of which are available or advertised on the PharmaLive website (sometimes for subscribing users only) include:[1]

  • Med Ad News - A business-news magazine about marketing strategies in the pharmaceutical field. Available on PharmaLive, with free view of table of contents and some free articles.
  • R&D Directions - A business-news magazine about pharmaceutical product development and research and development strategies. Available on PharmaLive, with free view of table of contents and some free articles.
  • - The main website that hosts UBM Canon content.
  • - A free news and analysis blog about the pharmaceutical industry, edited by Ed Silverman. Links back to PharmaLive.[2]
  • eNewsletters - Free subscription newsletters, sent via email. Subscribe on PharmaLive.
  • Conferences - Information on PharmaLive about conferences hosted by UBM Canon.
  • eKnowledgebase - A subscription-based online pharmaceutical database, covering pharmaceutical companies and products.[3]
  • OnDemand Special Reports - Users can create customized PDF reports by selecting specific data to include in the report. Each report costs a fee to view.[4]
  • PharmaLive Special Reports - Detailed reports on specific pharmaceutical topics that each cost a fee to view.
  • Ask the Experts - Users can send questions to a list of experts on particular pharmaceutical subjects who write for Med Ad News or R&D Directions.
  • Whitepapers & Podcasts - Users can browse recent pharmaceutical/marketing-related white papers and podcasts listed on the main page or browse all content by category in a side menu listing category topics. In order to download podcasts and white papers, users must complete a free registration.
  • Webcasts - Free recorded online presentations. Users must complete a free registration to view the webcasts.
  • Classifieds - Users can browse, search, and post ads related to the pharmaceutical industry. Users must submit the ads to be approved instead of posting directly.

Besides the products listed above, the PharmLive website also hosts a variety of newsfeeds (Business, Marketing and Advertising, Therapeutics, R&D News, FDA News, Conference News, People) and blogs (MedAdNews Insider, R&D News Insider, Pharmalot, Community Pharm, Pharma Blog Review). Users can subscribe to a variety of of UBM Canon products, including Med Ad News, R&D Directions, eKnowledge Base, and PharmaLive News Pass through PharmaLive.[5]

The entire site can be searched through a keyword search form, and users can select to search in News Archive, Med Ad News, R&D Directions, or the entire archive. Many archived articles are only only accessible if the user subscribes to PharmaLive News Pass.


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