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Q-Sensei is a technology company based in both the USA and Germany and formed in 2007,[1] and Q-Sensei is the creator of the following products:

  • Q-Sensei Enterprise Search Platform - A customizable "set of modules for data organization and search," which organizations can use to conduct the following tasks:[2]
    • Data import in multiple formats (XML, CSV, Office Files, OAI-PMH and RSS Feeds).
    • Data processing - Rich document parsing and indexing (Word, XLS, PPT, PDF, etc). Metadata, structural information (e.g. headings, titles, captions) and the full text of electronic documents are extracted and processed. Additional capabilities include Named Entity Extractions, Keyword Extractions, Normalization and Term Translations. Company-owned vocabularies, glossaries and other existing tools can also be integrated.
    • Indexing - Full text search and fielded search supported, as well as filtering and sorting of results.
    • Can connect multiple storage solutions (e.g. Hadoop/HBase, Voldemort, Redis) to store metadata, user-generated content, version histories, etc.
    • Both machine interface (XML-based Index API, JSON-based Platform API) and web-based user interface.
    • Security/Access Controls - Integrates with a wide range of existing authentication methods: OpenId, Facebook Connect, LDAP etc.
    • Collaboration tools to add, update and delete databases and/or individual data records as well as review or comment on data records.
  • Q-Sensei Boost - A web-based tool for data organization and searching. Users can store date in CSV and XML files.[3]
  • Q-Sensei API - Access to all Q-Sensei technologies, where users can embed Q-Sensei technologies into a third-party website/application.[4]
  • Q-Sensei Widgets - Search result widget, watch list widget, and search field widget.[5]
  • Q-Sensei Search - A free web-based search platform that allows users to search "38 million data records on books and scholarly articles."[6] Features of this free search system include:[7]
    • Search suggestions and filters displayed with original search results.
    • Free account creation. A registered user can create Watch Lists (monitor changes to specific records), save searches, and see a list of their recently viewed items.
    • Both registered and anonymous users can edit bibliographic records for search results and monitor changes to the records through RSS feeds and Watch Lists.
    • Records contain bibliographic data and user reviews which searchers can add to and edit, links to full text, related topic list, list of other works by the same author, and option to "search for all attributes of this item." Users can share records via social media or email.
  • Q-Sensei FeedBooster - Tool for searching and filtering through RSS feeds.[8]
  • Q-Sensei Book Finder - A Firefox add-on that "turns ISBNs into clickable links to more book details collected on Q-Sensei."[9]


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