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Quosa is a company that produces a subscription-based search platform with document organization and sharing capabilities that allows users to search patent and non-patent literature. Quosa produces the following products:

  • Quosa Information Manager - A desktop application for managing personal biomedical literature (articles and internal documents) collection. Includes functions like full-text PDF retrieval, ability to organize articles into folders, highlighting capabilities, automatic retrieval of alerts from PubMed, OvidSP, and Embase.com, integration with Quosa Virtual Library (publish documents to Virtual Library), and integration with various citation management software.[1]
  • Quosa Virtual Library - A platform for team or company-wide literature (articles & internal documents) sharing.[2] The Virtual Library allows users to receive alerts, email reports, create custom reports, create RSS fees, and search/browse through articles from subscription databases, patents, conference abstracts, and internal documents.[3] The Virtual Library also integrates with Quosa Information Manager and Quosa Browser Plus.
  • Quosa Browser Plus - A browser-based tool for personal literature management (articles and internal documents). Publish documents to Quosa Virtual Library.[4]
  • Quosa Browser - An Internet browser-based tool for browsing and searching the QUOSA Virtual Library.[5]
  • Quosa DocFlow - An integrated document delivery system that works in conjunction with Quosa Virtual Library to give users access to journal articles from their subscriptions, free journals and via document delivery.[6]
  • Article Download Manager - A browser-based tool to help Publishers and Aggregators streamline their customers' literature search process. QUOSA develops the overlay and hosts it on its own servers with input required from the publisher.[7]
  • PubPDF - A product from Quosa Labs that provides PDF downloads and organization tools for PubMed documents.[8]

Web databases which users have automatic access to with a basic Quosa subscription include:[9]

  • OvidSP
  • PubMed
  • Federated Search
  • EntrezGene (for Gene dictionaries)
  • Google
  • Google Scholar
  • USPTO Applications

Databases available for subscription include:[9]


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