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The RCD-Online Design Search is a free database of registered Community designs (RCD) registrations (published in the Community Design Bulletin) created by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM).[1] OHIM is the European Union agency responsible for registering trademarks and designs that are valid in all 27 countries of the EU.[2] A complete help file for searching RCD-Online can be found on the OHIM website.


The RCD-Online system has a horizontal menu of icons at the top of the page that indicate which options are available for each search form, hit list, and individual record. If an option isn't currently available, the icon will become gray. Users can switch between the two search forms by clicking the highlighted (purple) icon to switch to that search form. The search form the user is currently on will be grayed out in the menu options. The icons available in the menu include:

  • Basic search form - Search by design number, owner name or ID number, filing date, Locarno class/sub-class, and indication of the product. The user can also select how results will be sorted.
  • Advanced search form - Search by design number, owner name/ID, representative name/ID, designer, filing date, priority date, publication date, expiry date, Locarno class/sub-class, indication of the product, country of owner, country of priority, Vienna classification, verbal statement, and status. Various "selectors" can be used to help the user choose certain criteria (Locarno and Vienna classification selectors, country name selector). The user can also select how results will be sorted.
  • Modify search - Return to the search form from the hit list to edit search criteria.
  • Refine search - Add additional search criteria.
  • Back to search results
  • Save search results to MYPAGE (only accessible to registered users already logged on)[3]
  • Print screen
  • Help

The hit list displays 20 results per page, and users can skip to the first or last page of results, move to the next page of results, or go to the bottom of the page via the navigational arrows above the hit list. The result list displays the number, name of owner, filing date, Locarno class/subclass, verbal element, indication of product, and status, as well as a thumbnail image beside each result.

When a user selects an individual record, they also have the option to page directly through the other records (instead of returning to the hit list) via the navigational arrows above the record data. The record contains separate sections pertaining to different criteria, including:

  • Design
  • Representation (images)
  • Indication of the product
  • Owner
  • Representative
  • Designer
  • Exhibition
  • Priority
  • Publication
  • Renewals


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