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Full and Partial Text Collections

The following coverage dates were obtained from the system's user guide materials and represent the reported start dates for each collection. Please note that gaps in coverage may exist in any collection due to a number of factors, such as missing documents, scanning errors, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) errors, even failure of national and regional patent offices to report data. No data source can be considered 100% complete, and searchers should consult as many unique data sources as possible.

Code Document Types Dates of Coverage
United States (US) Published Applications – Full Text From March 15, 2001
Granted Patents – Full Text From January 06, 1976
European Patent Office (EP) Published Applications (EP-A) – Full Text From January 29, 1986
Granted Patents (EP-B) – Full Text From December 30, 1986
Patent Cooperation Treaty (WO/PCT) PCT Applications – Full Text From October 19, 1978
Japan (JP) Granted Patents – English abstracts From October 01, 1976

Other Coverage

Citations: Backward citations are present for the United States granted patent collection (US). The US granted patents collection contains non-patent literature citations, but they are not linked to any outside search sources. Backward citations are present for the European (EP) collections, but no non-patent citations are present. No citation data is present in the Patent Cooperation Treaty (WO/PCT) collection. No forward citations are available for any collection. Source or relevancy codes are not present for any citations.

Legal Status: No legal status data is available.

Family Data: No family data is available.

Document Images: Document images are available through PDF download. Images for chemical structures available for US patent documents from 2001.

Bibliographic Coverage

Bibliographic coverage is limited to the collections listed in the table above.

A detailed page of information on the data available can be found in the SureChem help page.

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