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Scholrly is a free search engine for academic writing that was founded by a startup company based in Atlanta, Georgia.[1] According to a description of the search functions planned for the site:[1]

Users can search by keyword to find relevant academic papers, and when there are multiple versions of the same work, free versions are prioritized in Scholrly’s search results. Each result shows full abstracts, the date of publication, the publisher, and details about the author. [...] The site then provides the link to where publication can be downloaded or purchased, which eliminates any copyright issues. Scholrly only works as the middle man between the researcher and the publisher, and it plans to monetize by partnering with publishers and authors to promote their works and help sell them.

The site covers all disciplines but will focus on "Computer Science and Information Technology, and will only cover academic papers in the initial launch phase."[1]

The public Beta version of the site was released January 7, 2013, after six months of private beta testing.[2] The service currently covers the field of computer science, but the creators plan to eventually expand the coverage of the service.[2]


From the Scholrly homepage, users can choose from two search forms:

  • Quick Search - This basic keyword search form allows users to enter a word or phrase as a query.
  • Advanced Search - This fielded search form is accessible by selecting the small arrow icon within the quick search form to expand the advanced search options. Users can search by author, date range, words included/excluded from the article (or exact phrases), words included/excluded from the title (or exact phrases), and words included/excluded from the abstract (or exact phrases).

The homepage also includes a short list of featured publications and featured authors.

Search results are divided into two columns: Publications and Authors. The Publications column includes basic bibliographic data and abstract for each result, and users can expand the result in the column to view document download options. Select the publication title to view the full record, which includes:

  • Link to full text
  • Full citation data that can be copied and pasted (BibTeX)
  • Bibliographic data dashboard (abstract, keywords, and authors)
  • Citation list
  • "Cited by" list
  • List of venues

The Authors column lists the author name, related publication, and each result in the column can be expanded to view numbers of papers published and total citations. Select the author name to view the full record, which includes:

  • Author name
  • Publication dashboard (bibliographic data for publications and names of co-authors)
  • List of affiliations
  • List of published venues


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