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Science Accelerator is a free federated web search engine created by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI). The tool allows users to search "key resources" from the Department of Energy's collections:[1]

  • Information Bridge - Department of Energy (DOE) research and development (R&D) reports with searchable full-text and bibliographic citations.
  • DOE R&D Accomplishments - Outcomes of past DOE R&D which have had significant economic impact, improved people's lives, or been widely recognized as a remarkable advance in science.
  • DOE R&D Project Summaries - Summaries of energy-related scientific projects performed since 1995 by DOE laboratories and other research facilities.
  • DOE Data Explorer - Collections of scientific research data and multimedia generated in the course of DOE-funded research.
  • DOEpatents - U.S. Department of Energy's central collection of patent information.[2]
  • DOE Green Energy - Results from DOE green energy research and development.
  • ScienceCinema - Multimedia videos about DOE and other science research.
  • Energy Citations Database (ECD) - Bibliographic citations of DOE documents from 1948 to the present, with links to electronic full text when available.
  • Energy Science and Technology Software - Scientific and technical software representing the latest in federally funded technology.
  • Science Journals Connector - Scientific research results published in scientific journals, utilizing publicly available resources on the web.
  • Science Conference Proceedings - Science and technology conference papers and proceedings.
  • E-Print Network - E-print Web sites and databases; use E-Print Alerts for weekly updates.


A quick search option (keyword search form) is available on the site homepage and in the upper right corner of each page on the portal. Users can also select to search in the Advanced Search form, where the user can search by keyword within the full record, title, or author fields. Within the advanced search form, the user can also select a date range and select which resources to search in (via checkboxes beside each resource name).

In the hit list, users can refine their search results (through a keyword search within the result set), re-rank the results (by rank, date, title, or author), view results from a specific resource, view results from Wikipedia and EurekAlert!, and view clusters of results sorted by topic or date. Users can also select specific results from the hit list and e-mail the results or create an alert based on the query (for registered users only).

Each result in the hit list displays the document title, relevance rank (illustrated by colored star icons), source, a brief snippet from the document, and any other important bibliographic data (title, publication date, etc). Selecting a search result will take the user to the document record (or full-text version, if available) on a third-party site.


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  2. "DOEPatents." OSTI website, Accessed October 12, 2011.

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