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Thomson Reuters Pharma is a subscription-based search platform created by Thomson Reuters for locating information pertinent to the health and pharmaceutic industries. Content coverage on Thomson Pharma includes:[1]

  • 33,000 drug monographs
  • 3,000,000 unique chemical structures
  • 7,500 company profiles
  • 1,000,000 basic inventions
  • 3,400,000 patents
  • 60,000 clinical trial protocols
  • 20,000 clinical trial outcomes
  • 13,000 biologically-relevant drug targets
  • 5,000,000 unique gene and protein sequences
  • 6,000 medical journals
  • 20,000 deals

Users of Thomson Pharma can access the following customizable features:[2]

  • Select the homepage that matches your user type, filter content by therapy area, and choose the way you receive vital information, relevant news and update alerts.
  • Edit your saved results, add comments as you need, and print, email or export them.
  • Include your own third party data.


Search options include:[3]

  • Quick Search - Select a field from the drop down menu (drug name, company name, patent number, target, therapy area, action, technology, compound name, lit. and news title, author/inventor)
  • Form Search - Choose from 7 available form searches to create a structured search (General Text, Clinical Trials Outcomes and Protocols, Drugs, Intellectual Property (core and extended collections), Literature & News, Sequences, Deals)

Within the results list, users will see colored pie charts beside each result. Hovering the mouse over the pie chart segments will display what each segment represents.[3] Users can analyze their results according to different criteria and display the results as a bar chart, pie chart, or matrix chart by choosing the "Rank by" option.[3] Users can choose to print, export (in various formats), create a "Star Tree" of the data, or save the data from search results.[3] For individual reports, users can print, export, send, save, or create an alert for the record.[3]


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