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A common post-grant activity in the US Patent system, a reissue is granted to correct minor errors that do not affect the substance of the patent. Procedurally, the reissue process entirely withdraws a patent due to minor errors such as misspellings or typos and issues a completely new, corrected patent document. According to the USPTO, the standard for a reissue is “error without any deceptive intention,” and “no new matter shall be introduced into the application for reissue.”[1] The reissued document will received a new number beginning with “RE.” For design patent reissues, some databases will preface the number with “RD” instead; the original patent document will say “RE” regardless. [2]

Public PAIR provides access to reissue documents as far back as 1840. Some US patent collections loaded onto commercial databases include reissues, which in general extend back to around 1975. However, users should always check system documentation to learn about a specific product's coverage.


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