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Westlaw is a division of West, a legal information services business owned by Thomson Reuters. Westlaw possesses a collection of 2.2 billion documents related to the legal field,[1] and it produces a variety of online products for legal professionals (including Westlaw Patents). WestlawNext is the main subscription-based search platform currently offered by Westlaw.


Content of WestlawNext includes court cases, statutes and regulations, analytical material, and practice areas.[2] WestlawNext next was released in 2010, and according to an Information Today article:[3]

The big news in the new WestlawNext service is that users don't have to select a database to begin a search (and Westlaw has more than 40,000 databases). Now you just type your search into the single search box and then select a jurisdiction.

Other new features of WestlawNext described by the article include:[3]

  • A simple homepage with a single search box that performs multiple functions.
  • A search engine called WestSearch that "automates the process of applying Key Numbers, KeyCite, and secondary sources (guides, encyclopedias, and treatises) to find additional critical documents and then ranks them with the most important documents at the top of the results list."

Other Westlaw Products

In addition to WestlawNext, other West products listed on the Westlaw website include:[4]

  • Document and Case Management Tools
    • West Case Notebook and West LiveNote
    • West Case Timeline
    • West km
    • West Publisher
    • Westlaw CaseLogistix
    • Westlaw Court Express
  • Document Generation Tools
    • Black's Law Dictionary for Android
    • Black's Law Dictionary Digital Plus
    • CD-ROM Research Software
    • West BriefTools
    • WestCheck
    • West CiteAdvisor
    • Westlaw Drafting Assistant
  • International Legal Resources
    • Westlaw International
    • Westlaw China
  • Compliance Services
    • West HR Advisor
    • Westlaw Compliance Advisor
  • Professional Development Tools
    • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
    • Newsletters
    • Reqwired
    • West LegalEdcenter


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