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WizPatent is a software company established in 2004 who produces two versions of a patent search and management software which searches USPTO and Espacenet databases and organizes search results through a variety of features.[1] The two versions of the software are WizPatent Express, the basic version of the software, and WizPatent Manager, the full version of the software.

WizPatent Express

Features of WizPatent Express include:[2]

  • Access to USPTO, WIPO, and EPO patent data
  • Fully integrated with Google Patent Search
  • Captures USPTO, Espacenet Search Query and writes it into WizPatent Express
  • Extensive Drag and Drop features
  • Fully integrated with FreePatentsOnline
  • Save your downloaded patents in PDF and text format
  • Organize and store your patent documents and searches into folders

WizPatent Manager

In addition to the features available on WizPatent Express, WizPatent Manager also includes:[3]

  • Search issued patents and published applications from USPTO and Espacenet Databases
  • Advance search allows search with multiple fields
  • Complex Search (most flexible search form)
  • Extensive error trappings to prevent errors in searching USPTO and Espacenet
  • Save queries
  • Search results can be saved as Working Lists
  • Boolean operation on Working Lists
  • Easy retrieval by patent number from clipboard or from lists in existing files
  • Permanent linking to patent documents
  • Forward and Backwards Citations can be retrieved easily
  • Save, edit, delete, sort and search your parent collections. Move your patent collections to a new folder and organize them by topic.
  • Highlights all occurrences of a search term
  • Patent claims can be automatically parsed into claim tree
  • Customizable flags enable you to group your patent collections
  • Add annotations to your patent collections
  • Group your patent collections by Inventors, Assignee, IPC, UPC, published year, etc.
  • Links to PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval)
  • Free download of selected patents in PDF and/or HTML format


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